E/W discountinued

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  1. The East/west flap is no longer available!

    This was my dream bag what am I going to do now:sad:
  2. Saks still has E/W flaps......
  3. Is it confirmed?
  4. I'm not 100% sure but when I was in paris they said they don't have this line anymore...By the way what is Saks??
  5. ^ Saks Fifth Avenue
  6. Hope its not discontinued, its a great bag! I use my e/w more than my other bags, good size for everyday use!
  7. Bloomies on 59th Street had them too.
  8. I am also hoping its not true! I love the e/w because it fits so much...can anyone confirm this?
  9. Yes this would be perfect is someone can because its a sales person that told me this line is not available anymore so I hope she just didn't know or recognize the name of the bag ...This is really my dream bag!
  10. What did you tell the SA? Did you have the ref number with you? The E/W flap is called baguette in France.
  11. no I just asked about the price and also if it was available she told me there is no continuity to this line after that I asked about GST AND PST she told me we don't have any classical bag in this store, this was in galerie lafayette.
  12. they only had flaps with jersey texture that I didn't like and also I knew that the price of gst if 1540.
  13. oh I hope this is not true, I was thinking of an east west but not ready to get it ATM
  14. I just purchased the East West or Baguette ...many stores in NYC still have it. Bergdorf Goodman has it, Bloomindales. However, I called Chanel on 57th street. THey said it's part of the Classic collection. Definitely not discontinued and they are getting a shipment of Classics in October and will have it then.
  15. What about europ PARIS more specificly !!???