E/W Colors for Spring

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  1. Hi there!

    I just found out that the seasonal colors for Spring E/W bags (all Lambskin) will be Light Yellow, Coral and Navy.

  2. M, u are FAB! Thanks for posting these, if only they come in caviar leather.....LOL
  3. ^ Celia, that is my dream too! :love:
  4. I was told navy jumbo will come in caviar, but the new price will be 2650 or something >_< Ouch!
  5. :graucho::graucho:However, someone commented that the navy jumbo may come in caviar....will have to wait & see:yes:
  6. If only, if only...
  7. Which store is getting the Caviar Navy Jumbo? I know Saks is only getting in the lambskin :sad:
  8. Navy caviar with gold hw would be swoonworthy. I love the idea of an e-w in light yellow or coral, but I fear it would be an accident waiting to happen. I will probably just stalk them and see if I luck out later if they make it to sale time.
  9. I am wondering too, does anyone know? :flowers:
  10. To the ladies who wish the colors were coming out in caviar, I agree hehe! :smile: However, I think the glazed lambskin should be more durable than the regular lambskin, and I've been wanting a yellow bag for far too long to pass it up because it isn't in caviar! :nuts: I can't wait to get my medium yellow classic flap! :girlsigh: :love:

    ronsdiva - That would be ideal haha, but I highly doubt any of the classic flaps would ever go on sale. :flowers:

    By the way, boutiques are also getting a burnt orange color... described to me as more red-orange. Pink is another color coming out, but I don't know for certain if there are two shades (light pink and pink - which I thought), or what the deal is. :nuts: fashionpoison posted a picture of her pink Jumbo, so that is definitely one of the pink shades, if not the only one, that will be released. :heart:
  11. ^Fashionpoison bought the MEDIUM pink bag..I beleive....I just ordered the same exact bag!
  12. ^ Yeah, that pink is gorgeous! :love: I'm waiting for my yellow medium (impatiently haha)... I'd be all over the pink if I didn't already have a caviar flap in a similar shade! :nuts: :drool: Can't wait to see your pics Jill! :love:
  13. Here are the E/W colors that Chanel in Bellagio are getting:
    Dark White (Off White)
    Pink (towards Mauve)
    Light Pink (Soft Rose)