E/W = Baguette?? and other Q's

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  1. hello gorgeous chanel girls! i've been checking out chanel purses for months. just have a few q's before i take (finally) the plunge :p

    1. is the baguette and e/w one and the same? the SA in my local store said there's no such thing as e/w, and thought maybe i was referring to the baguette when i described what i was looking for. few weeks later, i asked a different SA, and told me the two are different, although the size and shape is pretty similar :sweatdrop:

    2. i'm in love with the size of the e/w (from the photos here). love how it's rectangular in shape. the only con i see though is the length of the chain drop. i want something that would at least reach my waist when worn on the shoulder. i'm 5'6 for reference. so this leads me to my 3rd q..

    3. is there an e/w flap in black caviar that comes with double chain?

    cheers! :heart: :flowers:
  2. 1) yes

    2) & 3) currently the only black caviar E-W flap with double chains (which can be worn long -- as a single chain that certainly extends to past the waist) is the one with silver Bijoux chain (some call it the "new chain). That one is incredibly hard to find now (quite possibly sold-out already).
  3. here's a pictures of the E/W with double chain. first is the 'new chain' in lambskin and second is one is with the 'old chain' with the MM lock. my SA emailed it to me recently so it is still available. I can provide you with my SA's name if you wish... : )

  4. I thought I also saw a member here had the white caviar E/W with double bijoux chain?? :confused1:
  5. I have it and it is so cute...
  6. I really like them. How much did your SA say they are, if you don't mind. :smile:
  7. I've emailed my SA to ask for the price. I will pm you when I know more. :smile:
  8. I have the new chain (bijoux) in black caviar and you can adjust the double chain to be a longer single chain.
  9. Thanks Shop Princess! :heart:
  10. Yes! It was yours!

    I agree it's beautiful...your pic is what made me want one :love:
  11. aww thanks girls for your replies!

    jfhave - saw your pic with it, and now i'm totally convinced that this is going to be my first chanel :heart: love it on you btw, with your cute tummy ;)

    shop_princess - thanks much for your help! will definitely try to contact them. i want the caviar though with the new chain, hopefully they still have one!
  12. i just bought east west~ in black caviar~
    in the old single chain~ i love the old chain :heart:

    and i like single too ^^*
  13. Many SA's refer to the E/W as the Classic Pochette. The traditional E/W comes with a single flap and single, traditional chain--it's fully adjustable or you can even remove the strap completely to turn it into a clutch (which is what I do when I store my e/w's). The other version of the E/W comes in a double, Bijoux chain.
  14. are alot of the e/w available in the double chain ?
  15. I've seen it in dark white, black and red (though the latter is long gone, impossible to find)