E/W Bag in the New Chain

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Anyone see this bag? I want one in any color...let me know if you see it...thanks! ;)
  2. I just got my white one today and posted pics under reference and on general Chanel board...Damian at Saks ( damianoto@hotmail.com )located it for me and had it sent asap!!
  3. I just came home and found a fedex box containing my new black caviar e/w with the new chain :yes:
  4. Hi. Does anyone have this bag but in lambskin? Can you tell me the Style # please? Thanks!

  5. Black lambskin E/W with new chain:

    07P A35191Y01480
    Classic Bag With Flap
  6. jfhave - oh i saw your pix....i loveeeeeee your bag!!

    octnybride - can you take pix of your bag??

  7. Thank you so much Jeannebar! That was fast! Can you tell me how long ago and where did you buy yours? I hear that they are hard to come by these days.

  8. You're welcome! I bought mine only a few weeks ago at Neiman Marcus. It was $1550. I'm sure they are still available. I hope you get one! :smile:
  9. NM BH had 1 available Monday.
  10. Neiman Marcus in Chicago had one in black lambskin two days ago.
  11. Does anyone know what colors this bag came in?

  12. White and Black :smile: