E!'s Mysteries and Scandals

  1. Anyone else remember this show? It was all about the scandalous side of Hollywood, and it profiled old movie stars.

    The Star Network in Canada shows reruns every once in a while, and I caught the one about Frances Farmer last night.

    Film actress Frances Farmer become the subject of wild rumors and speculation after her death because she was institutionalized for manic depression and schizophrenia,and recieved controversial insulin shock treatment. Shortly after her release, Farmer's mother had her comitted yet again to several instutions for supposed "mental incompetence", something believed to be made up by her mother who resented Farmer.
    (Her mother sent her to a mental institution because she did not want to go to Hollywood to make another movie. She never wanted to do Hollywood, she wanted to do theatre. Add that to her erratic behavior and the booze and pills, and people thought she was crazy. There was debate about whether or not the last instiution she was in gave her a lobotomy. Some say it happened, some say it didn't. Others say it did happen, but it didn't take.)

    Before that, I saw the one on Dorothy Dandridge:
    Dorothy Dandridge becomes one of the most successful back actresses of her time, and ultimatly loses it all, due to poor investments, failed marriages, an alcohol problem, and her eventual suicide. (Whether or not she killed herself is debatable. Some say obviously she did. Some say she accidentally took too many pills.)

    I don't know why they cancelled the show. I wish they hadn't. I also wish they had the series on DVD.

    I love this show because I love hearing about a good scandal every now and then. Also, it gives me a chance to learn about people I normally would have never heard of.