E-ring upgrade !

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  1. My hubby told me to thk about an e-ring upgrade !!!! Yayyyy
    I dont really have a solitaire but i like it :smile: its a five stone and looks like 2ct i got used to that !
    And i know hubby wont be able to buy a 2 ct may be 1 ct !
    What do u think
    I ll post a pic please tell me what u ll do i got lost :smile::smile:


    Hope its clear
  2. That's so sweet of your hubby. A ring doesn't have to have a 2 ct diamond to be beautiful ;)
    Have you seen a ring you like? I bet you want a Tiffany ring :biggrin:
  3. well, what's the budget, and what do you like? a 1ct in a halo setting could give you the same or or similar finger coverage to what you are used to.
  4. Yessssss i want a tiffany one but .25 tiffany here is between 2300 and 2700 usd toooo expensive
    Budget is around 2500 usd
    I didnt see my locel jeweler yet but tom going will give a glimpse !!
    But dont know how to separate from my 5 stone ring !!! I love ittt so much !!!
  5. What about The Classic Tiffany Setting? The 0.25 ct is 1650 dollar. You can maybe also get the 0.35 ct. The first photo is 0.35 ct (borrowed from kathyinjapan) and the second photo is 0.25 ct (borrowed from pinkmonster). I think even though they are small diamonds, they still look very classy and elegant. :smile:

  6. Lol

  7. 0.25 Will be invisible compared to the one she already has :sad: furthermore is not an upgrade ;) But that is My opinion ;) i Will go for a custom made e-ring with a nice setting..

    I like the soleste..you can get a 0.30 ctw center stone and around some little diamond......But the ring Will seems biggerrrrr ;) ;) ;)
  8. She can want one, but if she's going to be disappointed with the size of it its not really an upgrade.
  9. I wouldn't do anything until you can upgrade to at least a 2 carat. A 1 carat diamond is not going to give you that upgraded feeling.
  10. I agree!! But her budget is too low for big Tiffany diamond thats why i thought that'd be a good alternative :smile:
  11. For your budget, Tiffany diamond rings are mostly out of reach, unless you do a simple band with small diamonds. Not much of an upgrade, though. :nogood:
    However, since you love your current engagement ring, why not keep it? And if you still want a Tiffany ring, head over and take a look at their sparklers collection. The rings in sterling silver are $975, yellow and rose gold are $1700. At those prices, you can get matching earrings and still stay within your budget. Hope this helps...

  12. Ohhh the sparklers seems an idea !!!
    Will browse the collection ....
  13. By the way i have to che k the prices usually in my area silver + 100 up to 300 and gold up to 400 usd :sad::sad: