E-ring upgrade

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  1. Hey guys, out of the following two which would you pick? I understand they are both very different items with different looks however I am so indecisive.

    Option 1:
    - 3 carat+ low color (u-v) cushion cut solitaire

    Option 2:
    - trade in my original e-ring and get a Tiffany yellow diamond soleste double halo with a centre stone between 1-1.5 carats

    I can only pick one. Option 1 will be like an antique style warm diamond (which I love).

    My ring size is 3.5 and I currently have a round brilliant 2 carat stone.

    Personally I love big diamonds and lots of finger coverage.

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  2. Do you have any pictures of the rings on your hand? I would personally go for the Soleste. Is the white diamond Soleste a possibility?
  3. Hey no pictures yet unfortunately :sad:

    The cushion solitaire I will be buying online however I will go to Tiffany on Friday to try on the Soleste where I will take some pics.

    I’ve tried the white soleste however I don’t think I can pull off the halo look with a white diamond. It looks strange on my hand haha

    I found this pic off google on how I think the solitaire will look.

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  4. I love that first diamond in the pic. Though I am biased, yellow is not one of my favorite colors..,but of course I know we all would see how they look on your finger. That could make a big difference.
  5. If you love big diamonds, I'd go with option 1. But I'm biased, I feel like halos are too blingy for me and so I have a 3+ ct antique cushion on a 3.75 finger and think it's dreamy.

    If you go that route, would you consider a color enhancement cup to further bring out the warmth of the stone?
  6. what is a color enhancement cup?
  7. I'm not an expert, so this might be entirely wrong, but I think it's like when you have an e.g. light yellow stone, you can get a yellow gold "cup" at the bottom of the stone for the setting (even if the rest of the ring is another color) to help with leakage and/or make the stone seem more yellow.
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  8. What are the other stats of the solitaire? Is it a certified diamond? If not then proceed with caution. The color in the photo looks much better than the color grade would suggest and online photography can be misleading. The stone also does not look to be finished very well...is that erosion of some sort on the surface? Is there a good return policy if you do not like the stone? It looks like a very risky purchase. I am not a fan of yellow diamonds but at least Tiffany would be a “safer” choice.
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  9. I would love to see a picture if you have one.

    Hmm I’m not a fan of the way the side profiles of the cups look. I will probably just set it high on the finger and by itself. I don’t mind color at all. My current ring is an I color and I love it so much
  10. That’s just a random picture I found on google to show the style lol. I am looking to purchase it from Brian Gavin and waiting on a quote.

    I’m tempted to just buy both now....
  11. This picture doesn't do justice to the stone but hopefully can give you an idea of the size. This one faces up only about 9.1x9.2 because it's so deep, so yours might have better coverage!

    Also, my ring finger is disproportionately small, so just look at the diamond relative to that finger, not compared to the middle or forefingers (those are size 5).

  12. Omg, that is sooo beautiful!

    Do you mind sharing the stats of your stone?

    I love this look. Simple, elegant and classic. Argh, now I’m leaning towards another solitaire haha
  13. Thanks! It's an old mine brilliant, H VS1, 3.38ct.

    You should definitely see both options first and enjoy the selection process, but IMO you can't go wrong with a solitaire, especially if that means you have 2 rings at the end :smile:
  14. #1! But I’m partial to cushion cuts.

    I thought I wanted a yellow diamond, but I got tired of the color. Yellow also doesn’t go well with my skin tone but YMMV.
  15. If option #1 will be an actual antique cut with prime optics (e.g. AVC or AVR), then go with opinion #1. While I do think antique cut diamonds can be absolutely beautiful, it can be quite difficult to find one that is decently cut and finished. If this is the case, then I would definitely go with the Soleste. I’m usually not a fan of halos, but the craftsmanship of the Soleste is exquisite.
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