E-ring setting

  1. I heard before that if a ring has 6 prongs then it makes the diamond look smaller than 4 prongs. is that true?
  2. I think it depends on the size of the stone. On a smaller diamond, the amount of metal next to it may overwhelm it. The six prongs cover up more of the side of a stone and thus might give it a dwarfed appearance. On larger stones, I don't think it makes a difference really.
  3. i was thinking about 1.5 to 2 carat...
  4. I don't think it will be a problem. I'm assuming you're talking about a round stone?
  5. yes round!
  6. ^ITA

    And I think even if it alters the appearance of the stone, it's worth it. The more prongs a setting has, the more secure the stone will be. I'm a lefty and a huge klutz so if I end up choosing a solitaire, it will have as many prongs as possible!!!
  7. IMO it's only true on a stone where the proportion of metal showing {prongs} outweighs the weight of the stone.
    On a stone weight of 1.5 or larger this wouldn't be an issue IMO.
    Here's mine w/ 6 prongs. . . I love it and was convinced beforehand I only wanted 4 to be honest. 4 prongs also tends to 'square off' a diamond, 6 will enhance the roundness of it if that makes sense.
    IMG_1586tpf.jpg IMG_1226tpf.jpg IMG_1594tPF.jpg
  8. My sister and I both have ~1.4 carat stones. Mine has four prongs and my ring looks smaller from afar than hers. I think it's because her 6-prong setting is very thick and shiny. Also, her stone sits high in the setting, making it look larger.
  9. It is a matter of personal preference, 6 prongs make the diamond look more round and some prefer them for security, especially with larger diamonds. However some do prefer 4 prongs as they feel the diamond is displayed better, as they would rather see less metal. Another option is split double prongs, which give you more of a 4 prong look with a little extra security, also a very classic and elegant look. But to answer your original question, I have seen studies on this matter and it seems that 6 prongs can visually make the diamond look larger.
  10. If I get the nerve, I'd like to possibly switch to a 4 prong or double prong claw . . . would love it to be by Leon Mege!:love:
  11. ^ Swanky do you have a picture of your ring from the angle so we can see how high up the diamond sits? I am trying to learn more about where the diamond sits on the ring... so if the stone is bigger, the 4 or 6 prong doesn't have much to do with that?

    Did I make sense... I don't know that I did
  12. I do Megs let me look . . . and my prongs are too high IMO.
    I was going to take it in when DH was out of town to have them shorten the prongs, then had 2nd thoughts. I do sort of dig looking in from the side and being able to see the culet clearly {bottom point}.
    If the prongs are much shorter, the culet will likely get covered by the base of the prongs. . . decicions, decisions!
    I'm not about how to answer the 2nd part, let me know if I'm close:
    as long as the prongs are at the height they're at now, it wouldn't make a difference if I chose 4 or 6 I don't think.
  13. i was always told that a higher setting makes diamonds look bigger, so if you want 6, go for 6, just make sure its a nice high setting
  14. OK, here Megster, the 2nd photo really shows the culet - but the color is weird{?}
    Oh well! LOL!
    IMG_1642tpf.jpg IMG_1647tpf.jpg
  15. ^ your ring is just too gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :drool: