E-Ring Setting & Diamond help!

  1. I guess I am pretty anal to the point that my bf is to scared to pick a setting for me!

    We are going setting shopping together and I get to pick a setting that meets all my specifications! But I just CANNOT for the life of me choose which one. I know I want a halo, but for a cushion or round.

    Rounds VS Cushion: which would cost more, if the 2 "looked" equal in size. I know rounds may look bigger because of how its cut, but what about cushions? Can someone help me out. TIA!

    So girls: which setting do you think is nice and good for the long haul?

    OPTION 1

    OPTION 2

    Pics i found from pricescope, i hope the owner doesnt mind. I just think theyre extremely beautiful, both of them!
  2. I'm not really answering your question but

    personally i like cushion with halo better...it's so pretty!!

    and I think you should consider the quality of the stones rather than the size

    good luck with your decision :smile:
  3. I love the cushion cut ring. It's gorgeous :drool:
  4. I vote for cushion. I have a friend with a cushion/halo settng and it is TDF
  5. I prefere the cushion too. It looks gorgeous.
  6. w/ a halo, I prefer a cushion cut.
    In most other settings I prefer round.
  7. Cushion
  8. Both are beautiful options.

    I have a 'halo' style ring with a round solitaire.

    Round brilliants are my fav :smile:
  9. For a halo setting, I like the cushion.
  10. I like the cushion cut too :heart:
  11. With a halo, I prefer cushion, radiant, pear or Oval.
  12. I definitely prefer a cushion cut, it is more unique. And for a halo setting, you should check out Ritani Endless Love. Their settings are gorgeous! I think the bottom pic may be a Ritani.
  13. Option 1, looks lovely.
  14. For a halo setting I prefer the cushion cut diamond. It's beautiful! For almost every other setting I prefer round brilliant. Ritani has gorgeous halo settings!