E-Ring Purchase - I need your help, I'm confused!

  1. Ok, so me and gf were talking about getting engaged for a while now, and I've been saving and finally I've decided to purchase a ring in a month or so. Here's my dilemma. I need a solid opinion! I'll break it down for you.

    1.) The Diamond itself - It's going to be a 1 ct. round diamond. I'd love to get a D, but I can't decide where to purchase the stone. Whiteflash.com has that Hearts and Arrows (A cut above) selection, and other sites have other names. Are those names just bs? Should I just go to a local jeweler and purchase the stone there or do the H&A cuts etc. really have a noticeable difference?

    2.) The band! This is basically what my gf wants.
    It's the eternity band setting. Now, I don't know if I should order it from whiteflash? Or if I should ask a local jeweler to duplicate the design as I don't think it's an extremely unique design that would be difficult to do.

    3.) I keep getting different opinions from whomever I speak with. I just need to know where the best place to purchase it is, should I get the stone and the setting from the same place? etc. I can't get a solid opinion. I hope this thread isn't repetitive.

  2. I'd post this on pricescope.com. You'll get a ton of advice there.
  3. willyg,The H&A diamonds are by no means bs,they are incredibly cut to maximize the diamonds inner fire.
    Heart and Arrows, Ideal cut and standard round brilliant all have the same
    number of facets (57) however, the difference lies in the angles, proportions, and symmetry of the facets.
    These differences result in widely differing brilliance (light return), with H&A offering the best light return.How the facets on both the top and bottom half of the round cut gem line up (symmetry) determines a gemstones scintillation, or the way it plays with light as it reflects it to the viewer.
    The interplay of all of these facets on both the top and bottom half of the diamond or diamond simulant control how much light that enters a the stone is returned back to the viewer. The inside of a diamond can be represented as a hall of mirrors. The more precisely aligned and shaped the mirrors, the more light will be reflected back out rather than lost as it bounces between mirrors. In a typical diamond, roughly 68% of the light that enters ends up being reflected back to the viewer.
    By contrast, in a hearts and arrows diamond, 96-98% of all light that enters is reflected back out! This is a result of a painstaking effort on the part of the cutter to ensure that all facets (mirrors) are perfectly symmetrical, in perfect alignment and perfectly proportioned. It is very easy to see the difference in diamond when comparing a
    typical round diamond to a hearts and arrows diamond. The difference is simply a much more brilliant stone!

    A typical round cut diamond can be finished in roughly 2 hours. By contrast, a Hearts and Arrows diamond can take anywhere from 8 hours to several days, and even then may not show the perfect symmetry required to produce the crisp Hearts and Arrows pattern.

    You could never go wrong buying a H&A,I've purchased from Whiteflash in the past they are wonderful to deal with for any purchase.

    Goodluck on finding just the right stone. ​
  4. I post @ Pricescope as well and you'll definitey be steered towards Whiteflash if you post this question there. . . they are very pro-WF.
    TOTALLY fine as I recommend them too. . . just letting yuo know if you choose to psot there as well.

    1) H&A or HoF {hearts on fire} are worth it IF you really need or desire apretty much perfect cut. Some people love them and want nothing else, others find them too organized almost. . . I sort of do. They're worth the $ from WF IMO because when buying online it's hard to know if the stone will truly have an excellent cut.
    A WF H&A definitely will, it offers peace of mind.
    I personally don't prefer a cut I can see the star in, it's a little too eprfect for me for seomthing that's comes from teh Earth. I don't know if that makes sense to anyone but me{?}
    I have to have an ideal cut, don't get me wrong, but mine doesn't have to make a perfect star/arrows from the top and hearts on the bottom.
    Unless looking through a scope, 99% of people would never be able to distinguish a H&A and an ideal cut. So for me, I don't need it.
    D is awesome, but E looks the exact same and may offer you a bigger stone selection.

    2) most jewelers have this band, if you chose a stone from WF, I'd go ahead and have them set it in this band as well.

    3) Since you're going w/ a band that's not super unique to a designer, meaning most places have an exact version of it, I'd try adn use the same jeweler for both. It's just easier if any isues come up.

    That's all just my opinion.
    BTW, have you called WF?
    They have a pretty great trade-up policy and wonderful customer service. Talking to them over hhte phone would alleciate a lot of questions and its likely they have more stones than you even see online.

    That said, we bought my recent upgrade from a local b&m.
  5. Thanks for the replies so far! I have read all of the WF policies and the trade up policy is definitely nice. Whew, I'm glad WF gets good reviews I was skeptical to order online, but I'm feeling a little more comfortable now.
  6. Another thing about H&A cut stones,the cut itself makes the stone appear larger.You said earlier you would like a stone that's D in color,with an H&A you could go with a F or G and get just as much bang for your buck .Because of the cut stones in this range will face up as white as a D colored stone,you should also pay attention to the stones clarity,an IF,VVS1,VVS2 would be awesome but a VS1 or VS2 will save you money and still give you one heck of a jaw dropping stone.
  7. Bah, I really wish there was somewhere in NJ where I could see with my own eyes a H&A stone. I've always loved D color stones, but again I've never seen an H&A in person, so I guess I can't really speak on that. As for clarity, I was thinking a VS1 or VS2 just because at 1 carat I didn't think there would be much of a difference going to a VVS to the naked eye.
  8. you should definitely consider a VS2 or SI1 stone:yes: Your eyes will not know the difference.
    Look on the Hearts on Fire website for a local retailer, Hearts on Fire pretty much = H&A.
  9. willyg,Here are some locations in NJ that carry H&A's.I snagged the list from the Hearts on Fire website.I agree with Swanky you could go as low as an SI1 on clarity and still get a fabulous stone.

    Hope you are able to view one of these stones under a scope,they are something to behold.You should definitly do a comparison.
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg
  10. Just a bit more information for you...HOF only cuts H&A diamonds. All H&A diamonds are not cut to HOF standards. The WF A Cut Above brand is cut to those standards, as are those at Cut By Infinity and the superideals at Good Old Gold. Since there are no industry defined standards for H&A, it's important that you go with a diamond that meets the highest criteria available. I have both HOf and ACA diamonds and can say that both brands produce outstanding stones. Good luck in your search:flowers:
  11. I'm not an expert on H&A but fortunately some ladies here are.

    I read that you would like a D stone. You pay more $$ for that. Personally I think cut is the most important. Obviously you seem to think so, too, since you're looking for "fire"

    You can still have a near colorless stone if you come down to even a G and focus on cut. Also, once you hit an actual carat mark you will pay more.

    For e.g., one carat good stone will be more than a .95 good stone. There's not much difference in size there to the naked eye except for price.

    Oh and as Swanky Mama stated you can go down in clarity, too. Again, if you have a great cut you can sacrifice lots of things and still have an amazing stone.
  12. Thanks for the links and replies. As for the HOF diamonds, I've been googling them and there seem to be some haters out there saying that they aren't worth the outrageous price you pay for them? The ACA diamonds on WhiteFlash.com aren't outrageously priced to me at least, but are HOF more expensive than WhiteFlash? Anyone with experience?
  13. the haters either just don't know, or just truly don't prefer them.
    I'm definitely not a hater, but I don't care about having hearts & arrows in my stone, I'm equally happy w/ a much larger staone w/ an excellent cut.

    For example, here is a photo of my excellent cut round brillliant. It's a 3.67 and if I had gone w/ a H&A stone it was going to be $4k more and almost a full carat less.

    H&A stones are amazing, but there's also plenty of amazing stones that just missed the mark of being certified H&A.
    YOU have to decide if that's where you want to put a lot of your budget or not.

    1st photo is at night, that's why there's so much noise, but in my excellent cut, you can almost see arrows most of the time. I think my stone just missed the mark for an H&A.
    NIGHTtpf.jpg IMG_1586tpf.jpg IMG_1182tpf.jpg IMG_1486psBLUEps.jpg IMG_1594tpf2.JPG
  14. A year ago, my sister-in-law and I shopped for H&A stones for her anniversary upgrade. I was shocked by the price of Hearts On Fire, but they are truly beautiful and sparkley. She's all about H&A, D color, IF/VVS and being able to see the perfect arrows using her idealscope, though once you set the stone, you will not see the hearts. Once set, I can't tell the difference bet. my excellent E VVS1 versus her D VVS1 H&A except hers is a carat larger than mine. What I don't like about Hearts On Fire is that the stones are already set and the SA told us they do not sell loose stone. You will definitely get more for your buck if you opt for GIA excellent cut and not a certified H&A. Most posters at Pricescope will lean towards Whiteflash. My girlfriend received her H&A stone from Whiteflash, and she was absolutely in love with it and the price was much less than HOA. I would recommend that you shop around, bring an idealscope with you (you can buy it cheap on eBay for less than $25) and test out several loose stones and see for yourself. Pay attention to light return.
  15. Having been one of the people who got banned by Pricescope's former owners for posting about her issues with Whiteflash (my wedding bands that they custom made were cracking and falling apart), I will say that if you get your stone from them, DO NOT get your ring made by them. Their stones are to die for, but their workmanship on jewelry SUCKS.