E-ring help: Tiffanys vs. Harry Winston

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  1. Hey girls! I know I'm having major elite first world problems, but I don't know who to turn to for help! So I have been looking at erings with my SO. And we fell in love with the Harry Winston Belle Micropave at around 1 carat. Starting price is about 25k for a 1 carat and depends on the center stone's 4Cs. So we are looking at about 25-30k price range. I love love the setting so much, I would even consider less than 1 carat since it's really the setting that I love. And my finger size is 3.5 so everything looks blown up on me. However my SO and mom really think 1 carat is the smallest that I should even consider...

    Now, with Tiffanys. I've always liked the Tiffanys setting, but as I grew older it's just so replicated that I would much rather get a Tacori solitare setting that that... Now I'm looking at the Tiffany Round Embrace and the Tiffany Legacy since they are halo settings like the HW belle micropave. The thing with Tiffanys is... that their halo settings with 1 carat starts at a mere 15k. That's a 10k difference between the HW and Tiffanys. PLUS my family works at Tiffanys so we get a 10% discount on top so we would be saving 1k+... which can go towards the wedding band. But truth and honest... I have way too many Tiffany's pieces... so I'm a little meh with getting a Tiffanys setting for ering. The HW just looks much more unique in my opinion and so far none of the Tiffany's setting really speak to me... How do the two store's customer service after purchasing a piece compare? I've never owned anything from HW yet. I'm wondering if they do routine maintenance check up and cleaning like Tiffany's? I'm located in NYC so both stores are easy access for me. The good perk with HW is, is that they do all repairs and maintenance in stores so you can pick up in stores. For Tiffany's... they send to their Bronx headquarters and you will have to wait for it to ship back.

    Thanks so much. Would love to hear your opinions on the two's post customer service as well as whether go with true love or save a little a go with Tiffanys.

    PS: Will upload pics of me trying the rings on as I get the chance to hit the stores! :biggrin:

    Tiffany Legacy: http://www.tiffany.com/engagement/rings/tiffany-legacy
    Tiffany Embrace: http://www.tiffany.com/engagement/rings/tiffany-embrace?fromGrid=1&search_params=p+1-n+1000-c+-s+-r+-t+-ni+1-x+-lr+-hr+-ri+-mi+-pp+&origin=engagement
    HW Belle: http://www.harrywinston.com/en/belle-harry-winston%E2%84%A2-round-brilliant-diamond-micropav%C3%A9-engagement-ring-1

  2. I vote for the Tiffany Legacy, hands down!

    I don't like the profile in the Tiffany Embrace or the Harry Winston.

    Congrats on your engagement!
  3. Are you set on getting a name brand setting/stone? Because you could get a lot of stone for 25-30k from a regular jeweler! The thought of spending $30k on one carat doesn't seem worth it to me, even for a HW ring. Sorry, this is not at all helpful.
  4. +1
  5. Hi. I did ask to get from a regular jeweler or perhaps a tacori cause their settings are more unique also. However, my family and SO thinks that the service from brand names are better and is more of a warranty in terms of cleaning and servicing in the future. That's why they want me to choose from either Tiffanys or Harry Winston. Even Tacori they are saying the servicing may be a problem since in NY we would have to get from Michael C. Fina and that would not be directly from Tacori. Like we wouldn't be able to take it to a store and get service. So that's why they are leaning more towards brand name rings. Merely for the customer service...

    And thank you everyone for your input. I think it's been helpful! :smile:
  6. I agree with you that the side profile for the Belle is meh. I prefer Tacori and legacy side views


    ^ Tacoris that I'm considering and it would definitely be around only 10k for 1 carat. So it'll still be cheaper than Tiffany's with the discount. However... family and SO is wary of the future service and warranty for it... and SO loves the Belle most still... just like me haha. But yes... 30k for a 1 carat is quite a price tag.

  7. Which one do you love?
  8. im a sucker haha. i still love the harry winston most. but that 10k price tag difference is definitely pressuring me. SO says its more about what I love. But I also of course want to save for other things for our future. Just really torn since my heart says otherwise.

  9. Honestly, I think you will be happiest if you go with the one your heart longs for!
  10. Wow! Thanks. Haha. I'm not the type to always buy expensive pieces such as these so this will be THE ring... Hoping to find the perfect piece. :smile:
  11. I vote hw bc it sounds like you really prefer it and if you get the Tiffany you'd always have second thoughts
  12. +1

    If the HW is the one you really want, then go for it, otherwise you'll regret it for the rest of your life. Good luck!
  13. It sounds to me like you already know that HW is the one. Go with your gut. If you buy something because other people convince you to, then you will likely regret it late. You don't want to have a 25-30k regret.
  14. If you like the HW design then go for it. HW has beautiful heirloom pieces! I had the same dilemma when I was picking out rings. My SO debated between a 1ct HW and a 2ct custom ring from our family jeweler (for the same price). He ended up going with the family jeweler. I love my ring and think the bigger ct looks better (proportionally) on my hand. Cleaning is not an issue bc I can bring it to the same family jeweler to clean or I can clean it at home with hot water and a toothbrush. For maintenance, I bring it back to the jeweler as well. Don't forget to consider getting insurance against your ring in case of theft/loss.
  15. I like the HW best. Keep in mind (I had this issue) that ring styles go in and out, and the halo style, while popular now, will run its course.

    When we were looking for rings, we went to a ton of places -- Tiffany, Cartier, you name it. WE wound up going to a wholesaler and getting a fabulous ring for 1/3 the price of Tiffany.

    As far as cleaning/warranty goes -- in all honesty, how often will you use it? Is it worth the markup? You can easily clean an e-ring with dish soap and a soft toothbrush. Whenever I need my jewelry cleaned, I take it in to my family jeweler and they do everything for free.

    Another vote for insurance for the ring. Add it to a home insurance or renter's insurance policy. That's really all the warranty you need.