e-ring dilemma

  1. Hi guys,

    My bf got me a 1.07 carat diamond, VVS2, D colour from bluenile and we found a jeweller to set it. I brought a design from Tacori. The jeweller said that the diamond may not look very big in that design. We left it at that..but now I wonder.
    Should I try to make my diamond look as big as it can? Like in the micropave style of the bigger picture? Or stay with my original idea of the Tacori design in the smaller picture?
    The jeweller is open to redesign so I'm having second thoughts. To be honest, I'm a jewelry novice working in an office where the norm is a 0.5 carat e-ring. It's just that this will probably be my only major jewelry for decades to come and I want to make the best decision. Please help me.


    ringtacori.jpg diamond ring.jpg
  2. i'm a big fan of micropave and halos (i have one myself) but the design you picked out is gorgeous (i LOVE the twisted sides). ultimately, i think it really depends on what kind of person you are...do you like bigger flashy pieces or something more understated? do you want to look like you're wearing a two carat rock or is one carat fine? do you have small fingers or large?

    have you tried both on (or something similar to both)? with a descision like this, that's really the only way to know what's going to work best for you. i say go with your gut.
  3. I like the bigger picture (first photo) ring better than tacori
  4. i like the smaller picture, the one with the round brilliant and the twisted sides. i like a simple design and i find the oval with the halo is a bit much.
  5. I have a micropave, halo e-ring, and I love it. However, based on the pictures you've posted, I like your original Tacori style setting better. I think in the end, you have to think about what you would be most happy to wear. Both are beautiful settings.

    Good luck and let us know what you decide to do!
  6. I like the one with the twisted sides. It's unique looking and very pretty.

    Every one of my friends that has gotten engaged in the past two years has a halo setting, I'm kind of over it.
  7. I like the simpler, first ring much, much better. Its not like a 1 ct with a halo looks suddenly like a 2 ct ring, it looks like a 1 ct with a halo, which is fine, if that's what you want. Then again I have a 1 ct in the classic Tiffany setting. Another thing is that my fingers and long and thin and I think a simpler ring is more flattering. Don't get a halo just because its trendy.
  8. I love them both:love: I have no idea how you'd choose betweem them, I think they both look really beautiful - you have great taste!
  9. My vote is for the Tacori...very pretty, love the twisted sides! =)

    Good Luck in deciding!
  10. The one with the twisted sides is beautiful! I'd go with that one.
  11. For better or worse, that micropave encircled style is becoming pretty common, I'd definately go with your initial pick, it's beautiful and wonderfully more unique. If you need justification, think of how much more maintenance that encircled ring is going to be--gotta keep track of little stones, gotta make sure they don't catch on any thing, gotta make sure they don't scratch anyone (maybe little babies to come :heart: ).

    Last question for you, and I only ask because I know what you're going through. If I'm breathing I'm second guessing myself:sad: . Had the jeweller not said anything would this question ever have arisen. Go with your taste not his, it will look beautiful on you.

  12. I like the Tacori more. It displays the stone a lot better than the halo setting.
  13. I love the 2nd ring pictured with the twisted band! Its beautiful. Can the jeweler show you how it'll look in that band and then you can decide? Even though I generally like halo settings, that one has a little too much going on for me.
  14. I'm not a fan of chosing something just to make the diamond look bigger. If the halo style is not what you have your heart set on then I think it's silly to go with it just because it would make the diamond seem larger, the point is to enjoy your ring and the meaning behind it, not to look as flashy as possible IMHO. I think the halo styles are very pretty but there is something to be said for looking at a beautiful diamond (like a D VVS2) all by itself to grab all the light that the tacori setting will allow it to get and just sparkle like crazy........1.07ct is nothing to sneeze at and frankly I'm tired of this whole obsession with huge stones, they aren't necessarily for everyone you know..... I have a 1.01 ct emerald cut and I've always felt it was plenty big for me and suits my lifestyle.....
  15. I have the Micropave halo around my round solitaire and love it.

    However, SO is thinking of upgrading my center stone to 3-3.5 carats. In that case, I would put it on just a plain platinum band.

    Both of the styles you are considering are so gorgeous...you really can't go wrong! :smile: