E.Peretti Pearls by the Yard

  1. I'm thinking about buying the Elsa Peretti Pearls by the Yard necklace in the 38Inches length. I think it might be a bit more modern than the other pearl necklaces I own (and almost never wear). I'm 25 and feel that my normal pearls make me look kinda mumsy. Any thoughts? Who owns a Pearls by the Yard necklace and can tell me nice things about it??:smile:
  2. I've never seen them, but I do love pearls. Do you have a picture or a link?
  3. Here's a pic.
  4. It's gorgeous- I definitely think it looks fresher, younger. You should buy them!
  5. Yes, that's the perfect way to describe them. Very dainty and delicate. I could see myself wearing them too!:yes:
  6. Very nice.
  7. Very pretty! I think they look "younger" than traditional pearls.
  8. Very pretty. I've never heard specifically of "pearls by the yard" before.

    Another 'younger' look with pearls is to have colored pearls ... I LOVE colored pearls. :smile:
  9. i think that looks gorgeous and yeah..i do think pearl strands do look a little mumsy and that (tiffany) will definately be more appropriate for your age. i hope you get it!
  10. I love the EP Pearls by the yard! I was actually considering getting the 16 inch, the bracelet is beautiful as well. I agree, its a new, modern take on pearls!
  11. it really is a modern and young looking necklace....

    it's not mumsy at all!! It's very feminine and sophisticated...I like that fact that it's not clustered with pearls like traditional pearl strands

    you should definitely get it :smile:
  12. Wow! Those are nice, where'd you find them?
  13. Thanks, everyone! I'll definitely get them. Too bad that the next Tiffany store is over 3 hours away. I might have to order them by phone...
  14. that very necklace is my next tiffany purchase! i've been wanting if for quite a while now! go for it.
  15. elsa peretti is one of the designer for tiffanys. so it's from tiffanys:tup::yahoo::heart: