E! News now!! Fake & Real Purses

  1. Hey Ladies,

    They're going to show a report about that super expensive LV bag and about how to spot the real and fakes.

    Hope you can catch it! :yes:
  2. Oh thanks! I am going to watch it! It's after the commercial break!
  3. So true what she said..."if you carry fakes you're disrespecting the brand itself"...yuck fakes
  4. omg THAT DUMB WOMAN WAS SOOO WRONG. She said LV never cuts through the logo. THEY DO on some bags!!
  5. Now I do agree with that! :yes:
  6. Da**! I missed it. :sad:
  7. It was pretty good. I agree what she said about disrespecting the brand with fakes. I thought what she said about Gucci bags was good too (they rarely print the name all over the lining). Some of the fakes she had were just BLARINGLY obvious though.
  8. yeah like those obvious ones they sell in the malls :yucky:
  9. Haha...I "rarely" watch E!...but was flipping around looking for something to watch....Landed on E! and then they started saying they'd have the Fake & Real Purses segment, LV Tribute Bag, etc. Cool deal! :yes:

    WOO HOO!! LOL!! So I caught the segment by chance...Ahhh, was fate! LOL!!!!:p
  10. Sometimes, those crack me up. Personally, I would rather have a cheaper bag if I couldn't afford a designer one than a knock-off, but I guess some people NEED to have it for show.
  11. It was way too short...they only talked about it for like 5 seconds. Ah well.`
  12. totally agree with you :yes:
  13. awww man ! I was in transit. :s
  14. awww... maybe they'll have it sometime throughout the day. check the guide. E usually repeats stuff
  15. ITA!! :yes: Ya, if you blinked you missed it...:blink: Good thing my eyes were peeled. :shocked: