e-mealz.com weekly meal and grocery list subscription

  1. I found an ad for this website e-Mealz.com and I was wondering if anyone has subsrcibed to it or knows someone that has. It's a pay-per-month subscription website that plans your weekly meals and grocery shopping lists by certain stores. It is based on 4-6 person meals or 2 person meals and me being a college student, I think this would be great to keep me on track with money and diet.

    So if anyone has done it I just wanted to know how it is. If it is customizable by ingredients and/or diet specifications. It seems cheap enough to try out ($15 for 3 months) but I just wanted to see if there was anyone here that can give me a review for it first.
  2. I'd love to know more about this as well. My bf is trying to eat healthier but he doesn't cook or like grocery shopping so it'll have to be for when I move back in with him :lol:
  3. I don't know about 3-mealsz.com, but www.starchefs.com has a similar recipe subscription. Star Chefs has one free recipe per week, so you can try this out without paying.

    I have been tempted to subscribe, but never have. What I do now is plan like 2-3 meals for the week, shop for them, cook the meals. Then with whatever I have leftover, I just type in the ingredients either on the www.foodtv.com or www.epicurious.com website, search, and a whole bunch of recipes will come up.

    Pick what you'd like to cook based on star ratings, what's left in your pantry, and simplicity... and you're set!:tup:
  4. ^^^Yes this is somewhat similiar, yet different. What I gathered from taking a look at the website is that it actually plans the meals for you and puts your shopping list together. Not only that, but they have different plans based on which stores you grocery shop at. They have ones for different areas since not all states have the same supermarkets. But since I go away to school in a far away land from civilization and the only supermarket close buy is Walmart, the walmart subscription plans sounds perfect. They even tell you the shopping list by aisle! I'm going back to school next weekend so I think at that time I will try this out if I don't hear any reviews. and I will definitley add my $.02 about it once I subscribe!
  5. I looked into this last week. While it sounds like a good idea, the sample menu really didn't look that great. I like to prepare our meals with as little preparation as possibe. Like we grill the chicken, have a veg., salad and bread. My family isn't real big on casseroles or supper-bake types of meals. I think a month of the subscription would probably be enough to get you in a groove that you could then plan everything on your own. It is dinner menus only. It is pretty inexpensive so if you didn't like it it's not like you're losing a lot of money on it. It kind of reminds me of the magazine, I think it's woman's day?, that gives you a month of recipes in every issue. Good luck with it and definitely let us know if you think the recipes are good.
  6. It would be good if they could tie into the local stores and plan menus around stuff that's on sale.
    I.e. if pork tenderloin is on sale, plan a dinner using pork tenderloin. I hate to buy stuff unless it's on sale :smile:
  7. That would be awesome if we could save even more money by using stuff on sale. :tup: