E-mailing to boutiques......

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  1. Hi I don´t know if this belongs here or in the shopping section....but here goes !

    I emailed to St.Honore and JJR in Paris 9 days ago, I haven´t had any answers yet ! What is your experience with e-mailing to the boutiques ? Do they usually answer fast ? Should I just send the mail again ? I don´t want to seem too rude ! I was asking specific questions about certain models and stuff........... Any help from you guys is very much appreciated :smile: TIA !
  2. When I email directly to boutiques they usually don't answer. I'd email customer service and ask about store availability, and then those specific boutiques will usually contact you, that's worked for me :smile:
  3. I have contacted customer service already about those items but they just told me which boutiques had them and said that I would have to contact them myself.....so I e-mailed them and no answers :sad: Kinda disappointing !
  4. Email customer service back and tell them that the boutiques are not answering you. Adress if to Samantha, she is usually pretty speedy with a reply. BTW there is a CL boutiques sticky thread where you can post questions.
  5. I'm a UK customer and find some boutiques are quicker than others. Some don't reply at all (specially the London ones). But the boutique in England Manchester, and the one in Madrid Spain are always very efficient with myself on emails.
    Was your email quite straight forward? I usually email regarding my size & style and the response is quite quick.

    But even if just enquiring 9 days is a long time to wait.
  6. I emailed the boutiques in Paris several times and always got an answer the next day.
  7. I emailed Grenelle friday and they answered saturday morning... Had a pair for me but half a size down and to me to write back with my answer quick. I did and now I'm waiting to hear further. Quess there are having the day of today ;0)
  8. I've emailed NY 3 times with the same question - never got an answer!
  9. If you call them, they're usually super helpful. (The NYC boutiques are the closest ones to me). Are you in the US?
  10. Yes, I am in CA. I am on the Maddison boutique's distribution list (I get new arrivals pictures from them), but when I emailed them - no reply :sad:
  11. Try giving them a call if you can! (Or if you want you can pm me, and I can call them for you and then let you know if its easier since I'm in the same time zone as NYC :smile:
  12. Hi! I don't know if they have answer you, but in march I've emailed the JJR boutique asking if they had a model in my size and specific color (in the online boutique was finished) and the day after they've answer, the name of the sales assistent was Rico, he told me that they had the color and size so I've asked if he could save it for me until a few day after because I was going to Paris and I wanted to be sure to find them, and he was really nice because he did!

    The only thing was that I've emailed the JJR so when I arrived in Paris the first thing that I've done was going there, but the shoe was in the Faubourg St. Honoré boutique, so I had to go there, not a big deal but be sure with wich boutique you are talking to. I also think that it depends on the sale assistent, not everyone check te emails they're always full of people, queue out of the door most of the times etc so I guess that if the don't answer is for that reason.

    I'm sorry if I've made big mistakes, I'm from Italy so my English is not perfect!:P
  13. Hi...I've been trying to get in contact with faubourg Paris boutique for days. An SA from JJR told me the shoe etc I'm chasing is in the faubourg store and she and I both emailed (me several times) without a response...so frustrating!!
    Any tips for getting a response?? Do the SA's have direct emails...if so, anyone got a good contact in Fabourg???
  14. it's very random, but it would help if you can address the email to a particular SA name, for example:

    ATTN: JULIE - Pigalle Plato Hematite Strass size 39
  15. Thanks...I could give it a go if I had a name...

    Does anyone have a contact for faubourg Paris boutique??