E-mail from Styledrops

  1. I just received this e-mail from Styledrops re the flap on the Coffer:
    we have changed the old black coffer pictures with the right ones of
    fall/winter 07/08 season. You can check here:
    Anyway I checked also the other colors of the bag which came out in
    winter 2006 and they were all with the short flap, so it seems that
    the black one was different. I was curious so I asked our Miu Miu/Prada

    supplier and she didn't know why either, but told me it may be that
    very bag we made picture of was part of a first production of bags that

    came out that way, then they have decided to make the flap shorter for
    aesthetic or functional reasons. She told me that sometimes
    manufacturers change this little details if they realize in another way

    it's better for the production or any other reason. This can be an
    explanation but don't take it for sure, maybe it was just one different

    piece came out of the production, like those rare coins came out as a
    result of a defect in the manufacturing.
    Anyway, all the pieces we have here now have the short flap and are
    the new collection, I saw you ordered one few days ago but it was
    already sold out in brown. I'm sorry for that but we always have a
    limited quantity of pieces available for most of the bags. It may be
    that more will arrive in the next few weeks, usually the brown one is
    very requested so they send a second stock at the beginning of fall.

    Have a nice day.
    ...........already SOLD OUT?????? This is just not my day!! I never received anything from Styledrops saying that the brown coffer I ordered was SOLD OUT! They sent me an e-mail saying that the supplier was "on holiday" and it might take up to 2 weeks for me to receive the bag, but that was a week ago! :cursing: Anyway, I sent them an e-mail asking them to clarify what they mean by the new coffers having a "shorter strap"? Hopefully they will get back to me by tomorrow morning because I am heading out to Disneyland until Tuesday (for my B-day)! ;)
  2. thanks for emailing them and updating us...still the last picture of the bag is the old one..they changed the other 3 (the first one changed previously with the email of miu2)
    mmm..they can make changes on the falp but still I don't know :s

    sorry hear that they have canceled your order and you learnt this way
  3. :drinks::queen:Happy birthday miu2:balloon::cutesy:all your wishes may come true
    and have more coffer bags at your new age :rolleyes:

    [early b.day celebration for you]
  4. ohhh nooo Another stuff up?!! :wtf: So will they still honor the old price at which you ordered it at?
    Btw, miu2, a big happy birthday and congrats to you for Saturday! Please have a great time at Disneyland! :party::drinkup: I have only been to the one in HK, but that was not that great.. Want to go to one in the US sometime soon~ :biggrin:
  5. Justified and Joanniii - thank you so much!!! You two are the best!! :drinks:
  6. miu2: I also e-mailed Styledrops as well, and I'm MAD! :tdown::cursing: I, too, received the e-mail that the bag is sold out. 3 weeks of waiting, and nothing. I better get 100% of my money back, or I will raise hell! So sad for us. But I hope you'll have a wonderful birthday at Disneyland!