E-mail adresses to Hermès shops

  1. I am situated far away from a Hermès shop and have the last few days been in contact with two shops in my seach for a certain scarf and a scarf ring. I have realized that it would be of very much help to have the e-mail addresses to the shops as well the telephone numbers.

    So far I have only found the e-mail address to the H shop in Copenhagen, Denmark (hermes@birger-christensen.com), but it would be great to have it to the other shops as well so if you have any other e-mail address, please write it down in this thread!
  2. Have you tried Hermes.com? I really think it's easier and much more personal to speak to an SA on the phone. Just my 2 cents. Good Luck!
  3. I think hermes.com in Europe only ships to the country they are located in, like hermes.fr to France, and hermes.uk to the UK.
    However, the website does have boutiques with phone numbers listed.