E-mail addy for BalNY?

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  1. I had this at one point but can't find it. Does anyone have it?
  2. Ooh, thanks for the address, Kathy K, I was looking for it too!:smile:
  3. No prob. I'm on a bit of a purse ban, having bought two b'bags in a month, so I at least want to enable others and enjoy their purchases vicariously! :rolleyes:
  4. Thank you! Actually I wanted to check their current stock of City bags, but I'm probably going to hold out for the Rouille/Paprika F/W.
  5. Sounds pretty, pseub! I'm looking for an anthra GH day myself. Have either of you ever communicated with BalNY by e-mail before? Are they pretty helpful that way, or do you think it's better to call them?
  6. Back when Joseph was there, I worked with him both by e-mail and phone. He was very responsive and helpful, but I haven't worked much with any of the other reps, just had a brief conversation with Daphne last week to get on a waiting list for the Step and City.
  7. better call first and work with them later via email:smile:

    pf'ers recommends...daphne, terry, crystal and kim