e-luxury - no tax?

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  1. I've never bought from e-luxury.... is it true that they don't charge tax? How often do they offer "free" shipping? Is it only around holidays? :s
  2. True, no sales tax EXCEPT for CA and TN.
  3. ^yup!! And right now, I believe that there is free shipping as well!!
  4. Never mind... it looks like e-lux charges sales tax for CA and TN. I live in CA. Bummer! I think I need to move to another state!
  5. Thanks! Just saw the info on sales tax on e-lux.
  6. ^aww that sucks!!
  7. awww.. That's not fair.
  8. I get charged for tax! I live in California
  9. No tax for me... I got it about 3 weeks ago. The FREE shipping sucked. Took them a week to bring it to my house after they got it. The FEDEX driver didn't want to drive 45 mins to my town for one box..isn't that ur JOB!! Oh well...my mommy got him fired. So yeh...free shipping sucks but I saved a lot on sales tax.
  10. I know, isn't it a bummer! I would love to save the 8.25%!
  11. :cursing: Crap!! I live in TN and always save for whatever LV I'm wanting and then make the 3 or so hour drive down to Atlanta, GA as we have no freaking LV boutiques here....Wonder wtf is up w/sticking the tax to us folks in CA and TN .?. .?.
  12. Yes I know - oi to us CA people and the tax! I'd much rather save the shipping costs throughout the year and just go buy it in at LV since I'm doomed to pay the sales tax anyway.
  13. LuvMyLVs, isnt there an LV in Green Hills, next to Nashville in TN???
  14. I think their distribution center or warehouse is in TN, I don't think it has anything to do with LV.
  15. Beautiful isn't it?? I LOVE the no tax deal...and even when they are not offering free shipping...its still cheaper..and IMHO...they package it so much better (more pretty..get ribbions/bows).

    Just ordered a Speedy 40...and cannot wait for it to arrive!