E-Luxury and SA's

  1. Do they always carry the latest i.e. the new Pomme d'Amour color? I just called and they don't know about this line yet! Just wondering if they would get stuff in before the increase. Speaking of the increase, when they have one, is it across the board or certain things. I'm looking at a pochette wallet in the new color and wondered if I should get it now or can I wait. Maybe the new SA (sorry I forgot your name) from Canada will know that answer. Thanks everyone!!!!:smile:

    BTY. I posted this originally under clubhouse. If someone can delete it from there...:love:
  2. ^LOL! I was just coming to tell you that you posted it twice and I deleted the other!;)
  3. They have the Koala wallet in Apple red on elux
  4. PTI, Koala, Ludlow, and Billets are available in Pomme d'amour on elux RIGHT NOW!
  5. eventually they will, they are new items, it takes time to be fully in stock for both eluxury and boutiques :love: