1. Has all the new colors on their site, speedy, baggy and the mini pleaty...
  2. I was just gonna post about that! ;) I'm dying here!
    I want a pink neo speedy sooo bad! lol.
    Now... if only i could sell my stinking Gaucho. :weird:
  3. Ugh, I can't buy a pink speedy until they start showing up on eBay for 25% less than retail. The cheapo in me just can't do it!! LOL
  4. The pink mini pleaty is really growing on me :love: But I can't justify spending so much on a small bag!
  5. What do you guys think of the Baggy Gm..I may get it in green or pink....???
  6. Its cute, but mucho $$$$.
  7. i totally agree! and its material! it is cute though!
  8. Agree with Kimmie

  9. I just got an email form elux sayin that the new colors are in!
  10. Me too! Jeez, i want one so badddd!
    Boooo! The mini pleaty is gone in pink! :sad2:
  11. I am about to buy the green Baggy Gm...please stop me.....!!
  12. They are sooo cute now I just want to drool over other's collection first!
  13. Go for it!!!
    I will live through you for now :biggrin:

  14. gee...you are ALOT of help....!LOL!!! I am sooooooo tempted.....
  15. Jill...It's Such A Beautiful Bag.....You NEED It!!! So Do I!!!!!
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