E-Lux website

  1. I wish ELux would do a little bit better in their picture taking. Browsing their website and looking at a Damier Azur Zipped Wallet.. For $495.00 it sure would be nice to see what the inside looks like. :yes:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. You're so right.........I wish they would show the interior and top view of every item!
  3. Check Vuitton.com! and search "Azur", they will probably show some interior pics!
  4. Been there done that it does not even show up..:sad:
  5. I agree. I wish they would show interior, back, top and sides of every piece. They would probably have fewer returns if they did that.
  6. I totally agree with you! I think E-lux is behind the times when it comes to showing pictures of thier products....they need to revamp that whole website IMO! Some things show just one photo, others you can zoom in on but all in all they're not the greatest photo's. I want to see pictures like Karen Kooper's website!!! Now we're talking!! :smile:
  7. ^^ I agree
  8. Antonia, What site are you talking about? Can you share the url for Karen's?
  9. I also agree.
  10. KarenKooper.com - Bienvenue :smile:
  11. totally agree:yes::yes::yes:
  12. i agree also..sometimes if elux doesn't have interior pics I look at vuitton.com also, but there are some itmes when NEITHER site has interior pics...
  13. I agree! They definetly need more pics! I know I have gone to look at a bag and there are no pics of the inside! If I don't know a lot about a product I want to see!
  14. I agree! It also surprises me that their item measurements are often a bit different than vuitton.com's and that they show items (esp. vernis) in colors that are long discontinued! Elux needs a total revamp...for these prices everything should be absolutely meticulous.
  15. huge pet peeve of mine also....sorry, it can be pretty frustrating...:sad: