E.L.F. has mineral makeup now! Has anyone tried it?

  1. I'd be hard-pressed to give up my EM makeup though.... Plus it's expensive for E.L.F - $5+ a pop.
  2. Hmm, I got to try this!
  3. I would love to know too!! BUT, yes I agree its kind of high priced for ELF. They should stick to the $1.00 stuff. I think they will find that a lot of people wont pay more than $1.00 for their makeup! PLUS, if Im paying more than $1 I better get the stuff FAST instead of having to wait 2-3 weeks for it! But, I wait the couple of week because its such a good deal, and I think other people wait because of the same reason.
    Did I make any sense at all? lmao!
  4. I just checked the website again, and the Mineral Glow is $8.00! haha, that sounds so cheap tho! But, for ELF?? Hmm.....
  5. ^^^Dude, you're totally making sense. I was all ready to buy it for my sister for Christmas but then I saw that it wasn't a dollar and was like screw that. I can go to the drugstore and buy some Neutrogena mineral make up for close to that price without having to wait five months to get it lol. Plus, if you want cheap mineral make up, then just order from EM. I'm never giving that stuff up, it's the best!
  6. I totally agree. I can't wait for my EM order to arrive. However, I am going to place an order for ELF nail polish and some glosses - I can't resist. I hope that order arrives in time for Christmas b/c I'm planning on using them as stocking stuffers.
  7. I got my sister to buy me some eyeliners, brushes & lipsticks. Although there are no elf stores in Dubai, you can buy the items in a department store here (they have a makeup section like Sephora) and they were charging 21 Dirham's (about $6) more than what it costs on the site! Its crazy.

  8. We have ELF in Burlington Coat Factory here and they were charging $3.00 for the Lipgloss!!!!! I was like:wtf:. Crazy people!
  9. I saw! I wonder what ingrediants they used in their mineral make up. I wanna know if its good for sensitivite facial skin like mine. I wanted to buy brushes from all my gf's as a stocking stuffer, but shipping is a pain, and that was before it was the holiday season!!

    I posted a thread earlier about the body washes and what not. Anyone try those?
  10. 3 dollars for elf lipgloss? The stuff is barely worth the dollar you have to pay! HAHAHA, I only have like one or two that I really like. They kind of make my lips numb too, it's odd. But I'm not paying more than a dollar for anything on there except maybe the brushes and eyeliner. I think I'm gonna refrain from buying anything from now on with all the recalls that have been going on lately. The products are made in China and I'm a little hesitant now. Sucks, because I love some of the stuff.
  11. I havent tried them, but I want to! I need a few things from there, and they have a promotion going on, if you buy $10.00 worth of things you get one Bath product for a penny! I think I am going to use that to try it out. Let me see if I can find the code...
    ETBODAL is the code! It expires Dec 1st!
  12. youre always so darn helpful!! i have that code in my email thing too. :] tell me what you think of the product when you get it. (in a few years. ahahhaa jk!):lol:
  13. :roflmfao::roflmfao: Seriously! AND its the holiday season too!! I wont be getting my stuff until summer time!

  14. better get summer colors now in that case then!:nuts:
  15. ^^ LMFAO! Oh wow, too funny.

    I just noticed you are still online. Dude, we've both been on here since this morning! lmao! Such addicts!