e.l.f. Coupon Code Radio for $7.50 off up to $15

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  1. Heard an odd radio commerical today saying that using "radio" in the coupon code box at www.eyeslipsface.com will take 7.50 off your order with a 15 dollar purchase. Used it today and it worked! Didn't mention any expiration date.
  2. Thank you!
  3. Thanks! I ordered some stuff. :wlae:
  4. i need to mention that shipping is 7 dollars....
  5. Yeah the coupon pretty much gets you free shipping, which is good, leaving all my items at $1 each! Still a good deal
  6. Thank you! I just ordered some stuff.
  7. Thanks so much! Just last week a friend told me to try their stuff and was waiting to order and this was great.

    I ordered the following with standard shipping for only $10.50!

    1512 - Dark Red Qty: 1 $1.00
    1714 - Dramatic Lash Kit Qty: 1 $1.00
    1810 - e.l.f. Professional Complete Set Qty: 1 $12.00
    of 12 Brushes
    1508 - Fluorescent Pink Qty: 1 $1.00
    1715 - Individual Lash Kit Qty: 1 $1.00
    1511 - Medium Red Qty: 1 $1.00
    1713 - Natural Lash Kit Qty: 1 $1.00