E-L-E-C-T-R-I-C BLUE - Should I keep this?

  1. I :heart: PINKs over BLUEs anytime. BUT I love the 08 Blues or maybe am learning to like BLUEs. I just received my EB RH City, my 3rd City since I crossed over to the dark side. I was a tad disappointed when I received my parcel. The box is light. The bag is light, which is a very good thing but I am not sure I like such thin leather. I am probably spoilt by my super thick & gorgeous Vert Thym. Even my BG is not this thin. :crybaby:Are all EB leather so thin? :hysteric:Or is mine the only one?

    For all those who has not seen the EB IRL, it is not as electric as some pictures captured. It is a muted shade of bright blue if it makes any sense. I do LOVE this muted shade. I can see it blending with my wardrobe easily.

    Having said all that, should I be bothered about the thin-ness of the leather? :girlsigh:Is this a keeper? Or should I just let it go? TIA! :flowers:
    BEBCity1.jpg BEBCity2.jpg BEBCity3.jpg BEBCity4.jpg BEBCity6.jpg
  2. I have the EB city but with GSH and I love the leather. I think it feels a little bit dry ont he surface, but mine is 4 days old and I think she will soften with time. She's starting to get slouchy and comfy. I say KEEP IT!!!:yahoo:
  3. ^^ OMG, if it looks like this...


    then you must KEEP IT!!! :tup:
  4. fwah, a 3rd bbag within such a short time! if you return it, you have to pay for shipping and restocking? actually, thin leather isn't so bad ;) i think i'll prefer thinner leather on styles like Day but that's just me.

  5. that's what mine looks like, soft and squisky, just the surface is dry but not crackly at all. its all soft!

  6. sigh....sometimes that is the trade off! color for thickness...IDK...but if you're heart didn't like give you a shake---might return it and keep on lookin ;)
  7. goldilocks10023, is your leather very thin? it's still bugging me...*pulls hair already*

    bama, even if the leather is thin?

    glossie, if i end up not keeping it, i would not return. probably do it some other way. BUT Day is such a big bag, if it's thin, wouldn't you fear tearing it? oh no, i am sooooo paranoid!!!
  8. I dont think my leather is thin. Granted I dont have an 04 or 05 to compare, but it feels think. It's not spongy thick, but soft.
  9. Hi pink! I just got my EB GSH City few days ago too, but the leather on mine is on the thick side IMHO, and I agree, it's not as electric as some of the photos I have seen, I wish it looks more like that last photo you posted!:rolleyes: It is little muted...but if the bag doesn't make you happy, then return it, and maybe get something else that you love.;)
  10. Alaska, Yes you are right, the tradeoff. I unfortunately love the colour so this will be difficult a decision to make.

    chinkee21, I went back to my bag to feel the leather. It is not as thin throughout the bag but the tassles are really paper thin.
  11. haha. i do understand why you're paranoid. personally, if i'm paranoid i won't even consider this brand, or rather, i won't spend the money at all, no matter how gorgeous the bag is (maybe if i were filthy rich, i'd sing a different tune... j/k :p) well i hope bbags aren't so lousy. but i wont be surprised if they prove themselves so and this just gives me one more reason to stop wasting money on high-end stuff.
  12. I love it, but if you're not crazy about it, then I say let it go.
  13. I have the RH and SGH EB Cities (deciding which to keep) and the leather on my RH is unusally thin too. The color on the RH bag is beautifully saturated and the feel is nice (soft, shiny and not dry at all) but I am disappointed with how thin the leather is. Honestly, in 3+ years of B-bag collecting I have yet to see leather this thin on a bag. This bag is as light as a feather, so light it feels weird.

    The leather on the SGH bag is MUCH nicer, very thick and smooshy. I actually prefer the look of the RH bag, but I'm leaning towards keeping the SGH bag due to the leather.

    Btw, I saw an EB RH Day bag and the leather was also super thin...
  14. i've seen an EB day and city IRL and i just felt the day - it was really soft, but it was really thin. i personally dont mind thin leather on my bbags... as long as it's soft i'm OK with it. whereas the sky blue's they had were really thick but very, very dry.
  15. F, a 3rd one already? :p Interesting to know that the RH EBs are really thin. Did you ask AR if all their RH EB Cities have thin leather? If you really want thicker leather, how about getting a GH EB instead? I agree with you on the color. I don't think it's as electric as the name suggests.