E! Host Debbie Matenopoulos Pleased To Announce She Doesn't Eat

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    The trouble is, she seems so happy that she doesn't eat, from announcing it gleefully on television, to aping the dress Keira Knightley wore that prompted everyone to scream "EATING DISORDER." It didn't work on Keira and it scares me a bit on Debbie as well. And while Keira was like, "listen, *****es, I've always been skinny," I kind of get the impression that Debbie's reaction might be, "oh, you NOTICED! I'm so glad." And, honestly, that's kind of f'ed up. Not ever eating isn't really, you know, awesome. It's just no fun.

  2. LOL!
    She's a hoot I think!

    She has gotten on the too thin side maybe though.
    But she's been playfully honest about it.
    When people ask she doesn't pretend it's not happening, she just says I don't eat!
    It always seems to me like she was joking a little though, surely the girl eats something, her hair is in great shape, she's just lost a tad too much I think.
  3. You can still be anorexic and eat. You HAVE to eat or all of these girls would be dead already. Its really not funny when you're proud of it, imo. That just means she has no intention of trying to change all that. What an idiot...good role model here.
  4. This woman does not own a brain, I shudder when I hear her speak, she is a total ditz
  5. Debbie is hilarious, but I dont think its helpful for her or any of her viewers to see how haphazardly she brushes off just NOT EATING... its like not breathing is ok...
  6. ohhh i think is hot!
  7. I think she's really pretty, funny and a great host...But I agree she is extremely skinny and it's not ok that she pokes fun at it. I guess some of these people on tv think so long as you're aware of your eating disorder it's not a disorder, like it's voluntary...that's a problem because it sends out the wrong message to the girls watching them...
  8. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: She is very pretty, but on the irritating side personality-wise. At least she is truthful that she doesn't eat. I get irritated when some of these gals claim they eat "tons" but have bones protruding out of areas that should have some meat on them.
  9. she is an idiot.
  10. Weird pose in the photo; just what Hollywood needs--another woman not eating and announcing it, no less!
  11. ^^Agree! She is retarded.
  12. I think it is weird that she is so proud of it. I cant see how people starve themselves....food just tastes so good!!!
  13. Thank you!
  14. yes, I agree with you.
    she makes a lovely role model for young girls with her statement:rolleyes:
  15. Well, on the one hand I am glad she admits to what we all already knew. I hate when the celebs all say that are naturally that THIN! Granted a few ae but most arent!However, I wish celebs could be better role models to younger girls but just eating right and exercising...