E-gift certificates?

  1. Hi guys!! I wasn't sure whether I should post this here or on the Money Talks forum, but mods, feel free to move the thread if necessary.

    So, here's the deal: I REALLY REALLY want to buy Korres' Love Your Lips gift set but so far, I've only found it available from Sephora.com. Now, Sephora.com doesn't take credit cards issed outside the USA. My card is obviously issued in Mexico since that's where I live.. I mean, it's a Visa and all but they especifically state the card needs to be US issued, and the billing part of the site won't let me enter a mexican address.

    Now, I was wondering if any of your gorgeous ladies and gentlemans from outside the US know of a website where I can purchase an e-certificate with my Mexican credit card so I can use it to order from Sephora.com?

    I tried a few sites that came up googling, but most of them want a US issued card, or request a social security number that I don't have. The nearest retail store is a 3hrs drive from here and I'm not gonna go all the way up there for a pack of lipglosses :sad:.

    Any ideas or suggestions greatly appreciated!!
  2. I haven't used them, but I know there are websites where you can exchange gift cards and e-certificates with other members for a small fee. Maybe you could do something like that? Sorry, that's all I can think of :shrugs:
  3. Thanks, claireZk! I'll look into such websites tomorrow. I'm dying for those glosses! Seen them? I'm such a sucker for a pretty packaging. The woes of being a graphic designer, LOL!
  4. I did see them at Macys! Before Christmas they had all these suuuuper cute little Korres gift sets. I'm a sucker for pretty packaging too, so I was very tempted by them!!!
  5. Any more ideas??