e fashion house.com authentic?

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  1. Has anyone had a bad experience at e fashion house.com?
  2. I did some research and from my findings, i think i would stay away because they sell fakes. But i have never done business with them because i feel it would be too risky.
  3. authentic but the some people on this forum are not happy with the owner and made some TPF members very angry. That's why you can't type the website properly, it's been banned.
  4. Many members (here & thefastionspot) had horrible experiences with this retailer. They received items that weren't as described/depicted on that website. When they contacted customer service, they were ignored by the owner & customer service department. Many members have to file dispute through their credit cards.

  5. From my understanding, their items seem to be authentic, but the customer service has been poor. I personally bought a fuschia colored Marc Jacobs Sophia from them, and my experience was ok; the bag is very nice and seems authentic.
  6. I've bought a few times and never had a problem. As thithi mentioned, some have had issues with the owner and customer service policies.
  7. ^^ You were lucky that your orders turned out okay.
    (based on postings here & tfs) For those who received items that weren't as described/depicted on that website (damaged/dirty, different color/size as shown), they were ignored. There are many reasons why members choose not to give them any business/free_advertisement. For those who haven't ordered from them, the owner's recent rude response/post here shows the type of service her store has to offer.