E.D.E. Large Gypsy Handbag

  1. I like it. I'd get it in black...I love black. (and jade green too!) hehe
  2. sits well on the shoulder. i like the clay color, no black which would have been nice. red or teal would be too much for me. i can see that with a sundress or jeans.
  3. oh i like this bag ilike the design , the leather look nice
  4. I have the smaller version of this bag and LOVE it! The workmanship is very good and the leather is wonderful. Please, please find the coupon code -- I would buy this one in a minute for 25% off :love: !!!
  5. Found the 25% discount code for EDE and Bulga. At Testimo Boutique, it's "holidayhandbag" in the comments code. Here's the rest from Grechenscloset.com :P

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