1. I put it in the same category as Ambien - works for most but OMG the dangers for the not so lucky few. Chantix's been under scrutiny by the FDA for a while and they gave it an escalated risk warning. One of my coworkers used it to stop smoking and he got the full run down, had to sign waivers, and said his wife was sleeping with one eye open for months ;)

    I think littlerock's trying to ease her dad off the cigs so an e-cig might be easier than trying to convince him to take a drug for several months if he's not entirely committed to quitting. I've got my fingers crossed for her!!!
  2. Chantix is different than Champix.
  3. Technically it's the same drug (Varenicline Tartrate by Pfizer) just different marketing names :smile: (BTW it was effective for my friend so he's glad he did it.)
  4. Oh okay.. Im not too familiar with Chantix.. I dont get it, whats the difference really?

    But yes.. I agree that it should be a last resort. I dont agree with drugs either but when it comes to smoking, especially for older peeps who've been smoking for an extended amount of time or have tried many times before but just cant do it) than I would def recommend it. Its much better to quit and take a drug for a while than keep smoking and get cancer is what I say. Im actually going to try to get my SO to try Champix when hes ready to quit. I havnt heard of an unsuccessful case yet personally.

    Also for the e-cigs.. just speaking from experience as well, Ive tried them, Ive had quite a few friends try them who have wanted to quit. They havnt worked for me or anyone I know. I strongly believe that a big part to quitting smoking is breaking habit.. technically when you're having an e-cig you're not breaking the habit of smoking since the e-cigs pretty much represent a cigarette. I dont know, Ive been reading some reviews online and it seems people have just continued smoking because in their mind they are still smoking, just smoking less chemicals. Personally I think e-cigs are good for people who want to cut down on the chemicals. Maybe until they find a more permanent solution.

    OP, I would suggest reading reviews for your options online.
  5. Sounds like Chantix could really work for some but I don't think I would go this route with my Dad. He's had some history of anxiety and I wouldn't want to take the risk. Nor would he, I don't think.

    I'm going to stick with the e-cigs and hope it clicks for him. I'll keep you posted!
  6. That's the thing though, my Dad doesn't want to quit. Well, in a perfect world he would prefer to not be a smoker but he has no intentions of quitting right now. That's why I was getting him an e-cig pack.. in hopes that it would (at the very least) cut down on the chemical intake. It's the lesser of the two evils, IMO.
  7. And that's why I have them. I've smoked for 20 years and don't want to quit but know I should. Patches? I smoke with them on. Gum? I reach for cigs instead of it. The e-cig just reduces how many real cigarettes I'm smoking, gives me an option when smoking is not ideal (public places, when I'm sick, late at night in bed), and every now and then I smoke e-cigs more than real ones. When I do quit - and it is on my list of things to do :p - I know it'll be with the e-cigs or cold turkey.
  8. Oh, okay sorry I misunderstood! I thought he was looking into quitting.. In that case, def try the e-cigs! Let us know how it goes!

    LOL nicorette made me throw up.. and didnt work.. the patch didnt work.. How long have you been on e-cigs Jennifer? I may take up e-cigs for a bit again, give it a valiant effort this time.. and suggest them to my SO too. At least I got him to cut down from 2 packs, to less than 1 pack a day. :smile:
  9. Nicorette gum made me queasy too. The patch was okay (and I still use it sometimes, like when I'm flying or in all-day seminars/meetings and will be without ciggies for a while) but it only temporarily curbed cravings for me. In truth, the only time I quit (for about 10 months) was when I just woke up one day and wanted to stop and I did, cold turkey. That's the key thing - you have to want to quit, otherwise it's too easy to go back.

    I use Green Smoke e-cigs. I bought them for the first time almost a year and a half ago but never committed to switching over. I go periods when I smoke them exclusively and I find them to be immensely helpful in situations when I can't smoke (hotel rooms, in my car with friends who are sensitive to smoke, when I'm sick) and also in bed sometimes. (I never smoke in my bedroom or in bed - reasonable fear of fire, IMO.)

    What it's done is cut down on my smoking real cigarettes. I've never seriously tried to use them to quit. However, I restocked my supply of cartridges after littlerock started this thread because I'm seriously flirting with the idea of giving it that "valiant" effort, as you wrote :smile: I'm tired of my clothes and house smelling like smoke. I'm tired of my teeth being stained and going to the dentist for cleanings. If I smoked e-cigs for the rest of my life it would still be a complete improvement on what I'm doing now, which I know is killing me. Even my doctor was like "Hey - chew nicotine gum or smoke e-cigs forever if you need to - just DON'T SMOKE"....

    Now all I need to do it decide to do it. :sos:
  10. Black Friday coupon for Green Smoke: 15% off all Kits, Cartomizers and Batteries with code HOCUSPOCUS.
  11. I've never tried them, but as a smoker set in my own ways (as I'm assuming your father is) he might have better luck going cold turkey. There's no good substitute for a cigarette :sad:
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    http://v2cigs.com...i just ordered the disposables since the company is releasing a new model in 4 days.

    it's only the disposables and I LOVE THEM!!! Can't wait to order the couples kit to split between DH & I. Then...they're releasing a vapor couture line for women = awesome.

    I'm going on 3 days away from tar sticks (cigarettes)...so far so good and learning about all the different e-liquids for flavor and levels of nicotine 0-16-22 (I'm a 16, but will be switching between 0 no-nicotine and the light) I want to try some of the flavors as they got great reviews from e-cig advanced reviews - http://www.ecigadvanced.com/e-liquid-reviews/highbrow-vapor-e-liquid-reviews/

    **forgot to mention** I would generally smoke 1-1.5 packs a day of the Marlboro Silver. Vaping/using an e-cig is a better option for me, myself & I. Also, it's been 15 yrs so...making a change like this to me, is better. I'm not promoting or anything, just want to share info for anyone on the same boat as I am.
  13. I did this patch as well. I did try gum, but only patch was able to help me. I started with 4 gr step 1 and again, it is one and only product was working for me. I know few people did stop using Chantex, but it may have a bad side effects.
  14. I am personally not a smoker, but I feel the same way. My MIL is a heavy smoker and you can really tell it is affecting her health. My DH and I went on a cruise with his parents last month and she was in rough shape. She did try the e-cigarettes last year and seemed to be doing okay but then just stopped and continued with normal cigarettes. Her smoking has actually increased since then. She is going through at least a pack a day. The only way that your father will quit is if he really wants too unfortunately. You can only encourage him and be his cheerleader. Seems like he wants to if he has tried other things but the darn nicotine... I'm really glad I helped my husband kick his chew habit now while we are young. Good luck to you and your father.
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    I'm glad you found something helpful and I do hope your dad stops smoking. I've read read something about some medicine on a forum a few months ago... not Champix... I don't remember the name but they said it was ok and helped many people. Also... there was a book that many people said that by reading it they stopped smoking as they realized that they were stupid when smoking... Also, you can get help from other people. A friend of mine got help from a guy on some website (http://www.advice-me.net i think it was it's address) because he ended up smoking again no matter what... he always said it was just one... but then it was the whole pack... patches, e-ciggs, anything, everything, name it and nothing... and this guy did it... I don't know what midf*ck did to him but he doesnt even want to hear about smoking now... Guess it worked... and I hope that this time he'll stop the madness for good. I don't really know what to say but I strongly believe that if you really want to stop, you can do it... if you need help... get it! You must really want it though...

    Good luck!