E-Boutique or Boutique?

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  1. Quick question for all of you Lovelies. So I recently didn't have the best boutique experience one could hope for when I was finally ready to buy a Love bracelet. I won't disclose the location since the SAs were very nice and wanting to make me happy. However, the boutique had limited inventory and both bracelets presented to me had clearly been tried on as they were scratched and nicked on the edges. I couldn't justify spending the money on something that had clearly been handled. They made me feel bad about not accepting what they had. The story goes on but that's the basic gist.

    I also dropped my watch off to have sent out for a new battery while at the boutique, not expecting this all to end the way it did with the Love, so naturally I was going nuts that they were going to mishandle my watch just because they could (crazy, I know). It took 6 weeks to get it back and they never communicated to me what was going to be done to the watch. Thank goodness it was only a battery change.

    I'm thinking the e-boutique may be the way to go when I'm finally brave enough to try this purchase again. Which method do you all prefer? The recent boutique experience really left me not even wanting the bracelet anymore.
  2. I remember your issue with your first love purchase, but I thought they were ordering you a brand new one? Was that one scratched also? Maybe try another boutique if you can. I've never ordered online so can't give my opinions. Sorry you've had so much trouble finding the perfct love, but in all honesty regardless of how it arrives, once you put it on it will get scratched. Mine has several scratches and I've only had it a few months. The scratches don't bother me anymore. As much as I paid for the bracelet I get to enjoy it 24/7! Good luck and maybe others can chime in on their eboutique experience :smile:
  3. I tried ordering my JUC online, but for some reason it won't accept my address so I called instead. It went smoothly and I even requested them to give me cleaning kit and two travel pouch which they did. I received my JUC in a week with no scratches and they wrap it beautifully. :smile: Also since I don't leave anywhere near Cartier, I didn't pay the tax. My package also arrived on the date that they said it will.
  4. I've ordered several things via the phone and have had no problems. Plus, I think they will send it one day delivery.
  5. I had to order my Love over the phone because the boutique in my city is being renovated. I didn't have any issues with mine, except the payment took a few days to process and I didn't get a travel pouch. The courier also called me before they arrived at my house to ensure I would be there to sign for it.
  6. I am so sorry you had an awful experience:hugs:

    It's best to go with whatever is most comfortable to you. If you live in the Los Angeles area I recommend Khanita from Cartier Canoga Park. She is the sweetest person. I pop in just to say hi to her, she's that nice. But if the boutique around your area has bad service it is best to purchase online. It is awful that you felt guilt for asking for the best. Let's be real here, the love bracelet must cost $1500 tops for materials and labor. The $5000 we pay on top is a premium for impeccable service and quality.
  7. Thank you all for the replies. I'm super impressed with the online people in which I have spoken. Don't get me wrong, the SAs at the store were very nice, but they were at the mercy of lack of inventory. I'll keep you all posted! Have a great weekend.
  8. I had my first Cartier purchase through e boutique and the SA was very sweet to me. The boutique is kinda far from where I live and it doesn't have a good ratings and mixed reviews for customer service. I also receive some extra goodies with my purchase and it arrive like 24 hours after I placed the order lol.