E-Bay Seller relisting bag she sold to me?

  1. I am so confused right now. I few months back, I purchased my petite bucket from Citygirl33. I was cruising E-Bay right now to find competitive pricing cause' I'm thinking of selling it and lo and behold, Citygirl33 has the exact same bag she sold me relisted! Photos and all! Its my bag on the auction page, exact same photos, date code and all! How can she sell a bag that she already sold to me? Should I e-mail her? Is there anyway this could be a mistake? Why would she think this is still in her inventory?


    by the way, the item number is 6883909446. it's my bag!
  2. Maybe she has another one to sell??? ask her the datecode for this other one she is selling?? did u make sure yours is authentic?
  3. Gosh, that is why I don't dare to buy any LV on ebay yet.

    Email her and see what happens.
  4. Maybe she is using your listing as a template for her new listing? I would email her and ask if it is the same bag.
  5. slightly O/T, but her auctions hurt my eyes with that font size :blink:
  6. That is very strange. The seller seems reputable and honest and I wouldn't think she would mislead anyone purposely. Maybe she is trying to sell another bag similiar but forgot to change the pictures and datecode info (I hope). Yes, you should definately email her and see what's the story. Keep us posted.
  7. I just e-mailed her and am waiting for a response. And yes, my bag is authentic. But this is the exact same listing, word for word, new lining and all. Same discoloration on the bottom of the pochette, same date code, everything is identical. Here are the photos of the bag I took. Go to the listing and see for yourself!

    inside pochette.jpg
    the pochette photo is the most tell tale. the discoloration matches exactly!

    inside bucket.jpg
    front bucket.jpg
  8. ok let me tell you what I think.

    First of all when a seller relist and relist an item, as long as the item is brand new we don't have to worry about.

    In that case it's strange. She is llegit, maybe she relisted some pics by mstakes.
  9. I'm hoping so. I'm a little freaked right now. I hope she responds to my e-mail.
  10. I had that happen to me once when I bought LV from a trusted seller - I emailed her and she was just using my auction as a template. When I checked later, she had changed the info and pics.
  11. I can understand using some of the language as a template, but the pictures? No way! I want to see exactly what I am buying.
  12. I was interested in a used Chanel bag from a seller who some of our members said was legit. I was about to bid on that bag but I thought I'd do some research on completed listings. Lo and behold, she had sold the exact same used bag before, EVERYTHING was the same when I compared the old and new listing. It was a used bag, so the details were the same,color, shape, condition down to the stains, inside of the bag, EVERYTHING. So I emailed her and she never wrote me back.

    If your seller doesn't have a good explanation, I wouldn't trust her again. In this case you don't have to worry about the bag you got from her but I wouldn't want to buy another item from her if she doesn't have a good explanation.

    Sometimes I wonder if 'legit' sellers are 100% legit all the time ...
  13. I don't care if she has 50 bags to sell, if it's not BRAND Spanking new she should take more pics.
  14. ^ Pursefanatic ~ I Agree!!!
  15. my thoughts exactly. whats going to happen to the person who buys the bag and the markings on it are different?:blink:

    p.s. still haven't heard back from her.