E-Bay seller relisted bag I sent back

  1. I feel guilty - I bought a vintage Coach handbag from a seller on e-bay a couple of weeks ago. The bag itself was beautiful but it smelled awful. I could not get rid of the scent (also could never really decide what the smell was but it was pungent and horrible) after a week of trying to get coffee grounds to absorb the odor, I gave up and mailed the bag back to the seller.

    He received it yesterday (I'm still waiting for my refund but I will give him a couple of days) and the bag is up for sale on E-Bay again today.

    Here is the e-bay link:

    I never left this man negative or even neutral feedback. I thought originally that I would be able to get rid of the bad smell myself. Now I regret that I didn't say something in my feedback - to warn other buyers but I was afraid he would ruin my perfect feedback. What would you have done?

    This bag reeks so bad and I can't imagine any buyer ever being happy with this bag. I would never buy from this seller again. I feel guilty that some poor person will buy this bag because I never spoke up. Peggy
  2. it says just professionally cleaned and polished...did it say that when you bought it as well? Do you want me to send him a comment and ask him if the bag has any odors and see what he says...then you can decide what to do?
  3. Yes it says the exact same thing about being professionally cleaned and polished on ALL his auctions.

    I would love it if you would ask him about any odors.

    I don't think I will ever buy again from someone who doesn't state that in their listing no odors and that it comes from a smoke free environment.

    I am anxious to hear how he responds. I will be so surprised if he tells the truth! Peggy
  4. I always laugh when it says no odors and smoke free home.

    Just be blunt and ask if smells inside. You have a right to know.
  5. I hate when things smell.
  6. The first LV I bought on ebay was so smoky that I had to seal it in a Febreze-filled box for a week. Of course the auction said nothing about it. It smelled like a goddamned ashtray.

    The febreze-sprayed rags did a pretty good job though. But I felt kinda ripped off. And it was a mypoupette seller, too.
  7. I just emailed him to ask about odors. I'll let you know if I hear anything back.
  8. you could do a follow up on the feedback you left him about the smell.