E-bay scammer-busting remorse?

  1. Hey ladies,

    I just busted a scammer on e-bay for the first time, and I feel bad for doing so! I have no issue with busting scammers who routinely or knowingly sell fakes, but the person I reported was only selling THAT bag, and had not (at least in the last six months) sold any other handbags. However, the auction was ending soon, and the price had skyrocketed... so I didn't have time to send her to mypoupette.com for authentification (if she was clueless that it was a fake).

    I know that this is probably stupid of me to feel bad, but I would hate for the same thing to happen to me if I was simply ignorant of my merchandise. :sad:

    Well, thanks for reading, and I'll blame the sentiments on being a newbie to the forum and an infrequent e-bayer!!
  2. You shouldnt be remorse if it's a fake. :smile: Think of the person who's going to buy it and her hard earn money.
  3. You're doing the buyer a favor if you report a scammer. Don't feel guilty!
  4. Please don't feel bad...

    It's the seller's responsibility to know what they're selling.

    If they don't, they shouldn't be selling it, or, at the very least, they should admit that they don't know much about it in the auction description.

    If they know, or even suspect, that it may be a fake, they deserve everything they get, IMO.

    Especially if they have misrepresented it as authentic.
  5. I agree, don't feel guilty. I was recently (this week actually) a victim on eBay. I won an auction for $770 for a Chanel purse. I recieved it yesterday and it is a total knockoff. I wish I had some one like you to report it. I now have to go through the hassel with paypal to get my money back.
  6. As an advid buyer, please do NOT feel bad.

    Fakes should not be sold, period.
  7. Good for you I say.
  8. Three Cheers!!! You are an asset to eBay!
  9. Yeah, don't feel bad! You just saved some buyer from paying $$$ for a fake. It was a VERY GOOD thing that you did, as long as you were very sure it was fake.
  10. Don't feel bad... often people get burned and go try to flip the stuff on eBay to the NEXT unsuspecting sucker. So you're simply preventing that from happening
  11. Thanks gals! Honestly, I guess I just needed a virtual pat on the back. I don't think I'll become an e-bay vigilante any time soon, but this has really encouraged me to get to know the brands I like to make sure that others who aren't able to get to know labels very well will have more and more ladies each day that can help them determine authenticity

    I'll try to keep the need for them at a minimum, and try not to fish for any compliments as well (although on this forum, you don't have to fish, you just have to display a killer bag, haha!)

  12. I think you did great. We need more honest people like you to keep dishonest people in check.
  13. I do understand why you feel bad, but as others have said you definitely did the right thing here. Also, the way I'd see it, a truly honest seller who was innocently unaware that her bag was a fake would be grateful to you for stopping her pass on a counterfeit item, mislead others and potentially damage her Ebay reputation. You not only helped Ebay, but I feel if she is a genuine seller, you helped her too and after the initial shock, she might just be thankful for your vigilance.
  14. don't feel bad! you did the right thing!