E-bay Scammer Alert!! Please Read!!!!

  1. I will eventually move this into the shopping subforum- but I want you all to read this and be aware!

    Please be aware that there is a company contacting bidders on eBay posing as the seller, offering a second chance sale on lost bids. We have a member who just lost thousands of dollars because of this on a Birkin that she will never receive!

    She thought it was an email from a reputable reseller, but instead, it was an email from a company called invoice-secondchance@consultant.com that randomly contacted her offering her a second chance on a Birkin which she bid on and lost. They asked her to send the money through Western Union.

    She has now filed reports with Western Union and the police, and is currently working to file reports with eBay. She found out that that this is happening all over the place, and never use Western Union to transfer money because there is really no recourse.

    I just want everyone to be aware.

    1. Make sure any communications you receive are really through E-bay. You can log on to eBay and see if the email was actually sent through them.

    2. Please be very wary of anyone who tells you they are offering you a second chance on an auction you lost, and be very skeptical of anyone who asks you to wire them funds through Western Union.

    3. Contact the seller directly through ebay to confirm that they sent you the email offering you a second chance!

    3. Do your research, and pay attention to where the emails you are receiving are coming from.

    I don't want anyone else to fall victim to this type of scam!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ugh....:sad:

    Thanks for posting this, Jag!
  3. thanks jag!
  4. Thanks for letting us know.

    Isn't sending by wire transfer bank to bank just as dangerous? I'm always wary when someone asks to be paid that way. Once you've wired the cash, it's gone and can't be cancelled or reversed!
  5. Yes, please be careful! I'm not selling Hermes, but someone sent my bidders on a LV I have for sale fake second chance offers, yesterday. I was alerted by a bidder who happens to be an ebay boardie and said she knew it was fake, but it looked like it came from me. Luckily she knew my email and knew right away it wasn't form me.
  6. Thank you very much Jag and also thank you to the buyer for sharing this with us.

    PLEASE be careful!!! Work with your team here on the forum when you need help...there is more power with information between everyone. We all have many experiences/information we can share.
  7. This is exactly what happened. It looked like the email not only came from ebay, but from the seller of the auction. It is just scary!~
  8. Holy COW!!! Ebay has become such a scary place!
  9. This is INSANE!!! Thanks for the heads up, Jag!:yes:
  10. thanks jag....someone stole my info from ebay several years ago and I have to admit that I'm very wary of it now...I see things that I'd like to bid on but am afraid to do it...
  11. Thanks for the warning, jag.
  12. Oh boy...this is always so upsetting....
  13. thanks for the heads up
  14. Your awsome Jag! Thanks for the heads up, I will be extra careful!
  15. I have had those spoof emails 3-4 times over the years. If the seller were to do a private auction, it wouldn't happen. Whenever I have any doubts about any email purporting to be from Paypal or eBay, I just forward it directly to spoof@ebay.com or spoof@paypal.com. They always send back an email telling you that you were correct and they are following up. Sometimes I don't even bother to open stuff like that, and just sent it on to them.