E-bay reseller - lvlady 99

  1. I have no doubt that her items are authentic. I just wondered if anyone here has purchased anything from her and if so, has anyone had problems with "odor?"

  2. no, but im looking at a couple of her items now. id like to see some responses to your question.

    although, when bags come from hong kong, a mothball smell sometimes comes with the bag. throwing a dryer sheet into the bag usually gets rid of the smell in a week or less.
  3. I have purchased several items from her in the past and never had a problem. She's wonderful.
    I'm used to a moth ball smell since I am from Japan but I know it bothered some people enough to return the purse. The smell does go away fairly quick, though....
  4. I have purchased several items from her. The speedy had the mothball smell which went away when I cleaned the outside. The small pieces didn't have any odor. I know of one buyer who found a large flaw in the piece she bought and LVlady99 took it back and refunded promptly. And the delivery of my purchases was very fast! I like buying bags from Hong Kong!
  5. I have, no issues. One pochette had a bit of a musty smell but it was gone within a few days. It would also depend on how the previous owner has stored the items too.
  6. I had purchased two items from her; one was fine and the other had a slight smell (it was a keepall 55). I stuffed it with dryer sheets and old t-shirts and it took care of the problem.
  7. I purchased Epi Vanilla Jasmin and smells great but Ghost55 has problem with her Stocton from Eva Authentic_Lvlady
  8. This may be a stupid question but why do the bags smell like moth balls? Are they actually stored with moth balls? I am just curious as I am also looking at some of her items and was not aware of this. Thanks in advance
  9. ^Yes, very common for bags from Hong Kong to smell like mothballs. Febreeze, dryer sheets, and fresh air usually do the trick, though!
  10. I bought a Batignolles Horizontal from her and there were no odors at all. She shipped very quickly also.
  11. I have purchased a marigold Balenciaga first and a rose Balenciaga - both were even better than her description. As for odors, I didn't notice anything. If I had smelled anything musty, I would have taken care of the problem myself. i.e., dry sheets, etc. Very fast shipping too!
  12. Yes - my Epi Noe from her stinked very bad but I did not tried to send it back - it's stink free now but it took about 2 months of "treatement" :p

    The bag was in very good condition and you can bargain a little...HTH
  13. I have bought from her once, no problems and fast shipping :smile:
  14. she is an authentic re-seller. heres a site to go to for a list of authentic re-sellers on eBay.
  15. I purchased a vintage speedy from her & it had a moth ball smell too. I just let it air out. Otherwise she's great.