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  1. I get so irritated when I am shopping on E-Bay and people take such lousy photos of their handbags. Here is an example:

    eBay: Authentic Coach Leather Bag (item 110050689886 end time Nov-06-06 06:51:04 PST)

    This could be a great Coach bag or it could be all banged up and ugly - who can tell anything when the pictures are so dark? I see this kind of thing all the time.

    I don't have time to write each one and request clear photos - how do they ever expect to sell their items? It makes no sense to me since I would never buy something sight unseen. And then people wonder why their items don't sell. I just needed to vent. Ugh!! Peggy
  2. I agree...if you want to sell something take the time and post good photos. If the auction doesn't have clear photos, I don't bid.
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