E-Bay Claim ?? about documentation

  1. I have had to claim via eBay for a recent auction.

    Paypal wasn't used, so I cannot use that method.

    E-Bay are wanting the bank statement showing the bank transfer.

    Does anyone know if they will accept a photocopy with the other items whited out. Or have I got to send the original bank statement?

  2. You should be OK sending them a copy. However, they might question you if you white out a lot of stuff. I'd ask them what's acceptable.
  3. Can you just print out pages of statements from your bank? I had to do this for a non-eBay related claim and it was very easy - logged on to my account, found the relevant pages and printed them. I don't even get paper statements any more, so am not sure what would count as an 'original' . . .
  4. OK, thanks for that much appreciated.