E-Bay Balenciaga emergency-PLEASE HELP!!

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  1. Can anyone that has a sec look at this bag and give me your opinion on whether or not it's worth (subjective, I know...) $1,000.00? I have a chance at it, but need an objective pair of eyes....is it stupid for pay this much for an '04 True Red with a F/W Tomato days away??? Was the leather pretty nice back then? HELP...PLEASE!! and thanks!!

    Here it is..

  2. I'm pretty sure E-bay links aren't allowed here, unless you are questioning the authenticity.
  3. CRAP!! You're 100% right. I'm so sorry everyone!!! This auction is over, so I wasn't thinking straight when the seller e-mailed me.

    So sorry everyone!! I panicked when the seller contacted me. Her reserve wasn't met, but she wanted to know if my "best offer" still stood and I completely panicked!

    (sorry...sorry...sorry...I know better!!!) GAH!!!

    Thanks for being my brain Kate!!!:heart::heart::heart:
    (sorry again everyone!!)
  4. hey I bought from this seller b4!

    dunno why on my purchase (a pair of True Religion jeans, i told her to mark it lower price) but i still got custom charges on the declared value.

    I think it's pretty (the red bag) :smile:
Thread Status:
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