E-Bay Bad Sellers List!

  1. I'll think we need a "BAD SELLERS" Sticky in the eBay section here to go with the Non-Paying Bidder one!
    Any thoughts on that?:shrugs:

    It just seems to me that there has been a lot of us that have been having a lot of trouble as of late with Sellers that cause us honest folks here a lot of grief and hassles.
    I'm not saying that every deal that goes bad should end up here.
    As a example of that is what happened to me.


    As you all know that seller called me that night and apologized for what happened, and I forgave her, and of coarse she refunded my PayPal and no feedback was left by either of us.:smile:

    But as of late I keep reading things like what happened to jmcadon with the Jimmy Choo Ring Bag! :wtf:


    Boy, does that one still make me mad what that CREAPY GUY (and I use that word "Guy" very loosely!) put JM through!

    I just think we need a place to check at before we bid on items that list the "BAD SELLERS" that real cause us all that kind of grief and problems!:tup:

    Just my thoughts on this!:idea:

    You ladies have got me addicted to this forum, and what happens to all of you here.
    I guess that why I care so much!:heart:

    :tup:You ladies are the BEST!!!:tup:
  2. I would love to, I won a handbag for a very low price and the seller refused to insure the item or allow the parcel to be tracked. I even opened an account with fedex so that he could send it an charge my account directly.

    I am sure all he had to do was tell me that he had mailed it and I would have no recourse.

    I pay right on the spot and have never had a problem. That was my last dealings with eBay. I wrote to eBay to complain but nothing ever came of it.

    Too many fakes out there and crappy sellers. I'm done with ebay.
  3. Not sure if it's allowed? Due to the fact that it may be abused.

    I started a Bad/Unreliable eBay Sellers thread, when I first joined, in the old 'Sellerwatch' forum, which was later renamed the 'Authenticate This!' forum (NOT the same one that exists now) and was then closed.

    I still don't know if the list had anything to do with its closing, though? :shrugs:
  4. Yeah, I wasn't sure that's why I posted this like this.:shrugs:
    I guess that we could post a disclaimer on the first post and only let names be entered VIA a PM to a thread moderator that could add or remove the names from this list.:idea:

    I would be willing to do this to help all you ladies out if that was ok with the moderators here?:shrugs:
    Since I guess I just hate to see any of you including my wife get burned or hurt by these people.
    I know this may not be a perfect solution but I'm just concerned, and I also don't want any Sellers that just had a "Bitter Bad Buyer" put them on this list.
    I feel that I could stay very neutral in this as long as it didn't get rediculous like it did with JM!
    I would also be willing to let the seller explain their side of the situation to me.
    VIA email or whatever.

    I'm just trying to help all of you out if I can.:smile:
    Maybe I'm just all wet!:sad:
  5. ^ Ahhh, it's very kind of you to offer to do this for us, Matt! :flowers:

    Maybe try PMing a mod, or an admin, to see what they say?

    Just to let you know, what I did in the thread I started was that I asked members to add the seller's eBay name and the nature of their bad eperience with them and then I compiled a list, which I updated every so often, with the word 'allegedly' added (e.g. 'Insert Sellers Name - Allegedly sells fakes as authentics.'); which I explained was because I, obviously, hadn't had personal experience of whatever the problem was. :smile:
  6. It is a good idea to keep a bad guys list. I tried it myself and eventually gave up. This is my experience:

    1. I used eBay's block list. Within a year I hit its maximum number 1000. I ended up needing to remove names every few months who are already NARU.

    2. Good and Bad are subjective terms, and vary among people. At times I need to discuss with my colleagues if a guy should be black listed... We don't always concur on a conclusion.

    3. What if a seller has an exclusive item which you want desperately? He/She might be bad a year ago but his/her recent feedbacks are just perfect. Then you intend to think 'time will change a person... God said to forgive your enemies... we should give chance to people to changed to good...' This kind of silly thoughts come when you are obsessed on the targeted item.

    So subsequently the black list did not work so efficiently versus the time and effort to maintain its freshness.

    Just my 2cents : )
  7. Thank you OlilO for your insight on this,
    I real do want to read everyone's view on this idea.
    I real would like for it to work for you ladies here.

    And I want this to be something that we can all trust and use.
    I'm willing to put the time in that it takes to keep it up if it is worth it to you all!
    And of coarse the Mods and Admins bless this type of a thread!:smile:

    Thanks again!:smile:
  8. What about keeing a list of sellers who have sold fakes, like my poupette used to do? That's not subjective.
  9. That would be part of the list of "Bad Sellers" as a subheading or have a :tdown:"dishonorably":tdown: marking next to them as sellers of fakes!

    I really hope to hear back from one of the Mods on this soon.:smile::smile:
  10. I think that is a great idea. Even if it is just there so we have more info in deciding who to buy from. You would be a bit more cautious with a seller from that list but maybe still buy if it is something you can't get anywhere else. Maybe use a CC and get insurance to be safer? Good idea.
  11. I think a FAKE seller list would be more appropriate as opposed to a bad seller list. There is so much interpretation in a transaction...
    However, keep in mind that there are those innocents that don't know that their bags are fake.
    In the Marc Jacobs Forum we just post to the Ebay auctions to be wary of thread/sticky...

    eBay auctions to be wary of

    So actually this might not even be needed here as I think there are other forums that are using the Ebay wary threads respectively as well... Let's see what the mods say. Either way ~ Thanks for the offer Matt!
  12. http://forum.purseblog.com/hermes/the-monaco-babe-thread-read-the-warning-first-12690.html

    Re: The Monaco Babe Thread *READ THE WARNING FIRST*
    Originally Posted by Accessory Obsessory [​IMG]
    Holy cow, what a thread!
    Makes for an eye-opening thread, that' s for sure! I think I'll stay with the shops..ebay is too scary for this kinda stuff at these prices. Too bad though, I'd love a real vintage piece...

    Thanks for all the work of gro and the mods and Vlad and Megs for keeping the integrity safe here. She was totally grooming here...coulda been ugly...

    Wow-, I found this thread quite by accident. Really helpful info. I have to say thanks to all who contributed to keep us informed.
    Is there anywhere on the forum where scammers, Ebay or otherwise, are posted? Sorry if I missed it, but it would be very helpful.
    Thanks again! :girlsigh:

    Hi-I was thinking something along these lines when I was reading in the hermes forum-the discussion is a long one, but very informative!
    I think this would be an excellent idea!:tup:
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  14. Well after seeing what has happened in the last few weeks.
    I thought that maybe we should think about making such a list again.

    It doesn't matter runs it or mods it just as long as it is there to help out!

  15. ^^ ITA!!! :tup: