E-Bay and TPF members

  1. This is true. I list that I am a member of TPF and to get the items authenticated here. I try and make sure I have all the appropriate pictures for authentication matters to save both me and the buyer time. I wouldnt just put "I am a member" and leave it at that, my point of stating that I am a member is to check out the bag and me, the bags were often posted here by myself to authenticate which may give a buyer peace of mind.

  2. And with all that is going on w/eBay, sellers need to have peace of mind

    as well that buyers won't be attempting scams on authentic merchandise
  3. Unless they put their tpf handle so you could go and see what they've been doing, it wouldn't mean anything. Anyone can say they're a member of anything, so what?

    Hell, I could say I'm an SA at an exclusive store and that's how I get my stuff which is guaranteed authentic. Prove it.
  4. Do I trust anyone outright on eBay? God no. I just like being able to learn a bit more about the person. If a seller has a good track record and says they are a tPFer, I ask them for the tPF screen name and literally see what they talk about on here.

    I almost bought from a tPFer who seemed active in Chanel and had a Bonanza store. However, and I was honest with her, a basic google search pulled up a load of drama and well, it made me unsure. That is the benefit of knowing if someone is a tPFer to me, I can get more info on who I'm dealing with. Its not fool-proof, but I'd have that over nothing. :shrugs:
  5. I sometimes sell on eBay and have put that I got it authenticated here. I agree you should always be skeptical and never trust because you never know what you will get. I always get anything I buy be it for myself or to sell authenticated because for me it is plain and simple I do not carry a fake/replica ever nor do I believe in selling them. I bought an LV at a flea market and was told by the seller it was authentic, and in fact it was not just aged to look it so I am extremely careful.
  6. This is exactly what I do. You just never know, right?
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    Anyone can register on tPF so it really doesn't matter if they say they are a PF member or not. There are horror story threads here in the eBay subforum where PFers have scammed other PFers.

    Anyone remember the Balenciaga scammer romie-omie? She had thousands of posts here and was active/trusted on the Bal subforum, and she scammed a number of PFers who bought things from her on eBay but instead received something else in the box (a pair of Vans sneakers comes to mind) and then she disappeared. ETA: here is the thread: http://forum.purseblog.com/ebay-forum/violet-sgh-came-but-turned-out-pair-vans-233465.html

    ETA: here are a couple of more: http://forum.purseblog.com/ebay-forum/dont-trust-sellers-like-tbirdhau-just-because-they-726042.html and http://forum.purseblog.com/ebay-forum/good-reason-not-to-trust-supposedly-tpf-members-729878.html

    Like lovely64, I find out their PF ID and check their posts. But always, always, always get their items authenticated and be cautious about any seller on eBay. You just never know...
  8. Sometimes I recognize a reputable ebay seller as a TPF member I know and that definitely makes me trust him or her more than I would any random seller. But if I don't recognize the ebay seller and he or she claims to be a TPF member, there's no familiarity there so I just think of the seller as any other and make sure the item is authentic, described in detail, and photographed well in clear pictures.
  9. If they have tpf on eBay I ask for their member name her and check them out..
  10. That's a good point.
  11. I agree with most here. I find out their TPF ID and then take a look at their posts. I am pretty much interested in one, maybe 2 brands and if I don't recognize them from those specific forums, I don't put any store in the claim of TPF membership. On the other hand, I have made a few purchases from people active in the forum where I hang out without getting them authenticated here...but unless I recognize them as fellow collectors, I would definitely get things authenticated (and/or pass on the auction altogether).
  12. I bought from a TPFer once and it was lovely. I did have the bag authenticated here nevertheless. I actually add on my listing every time that I'm a TPFer because I want the buyer to know that I love purses and I know purses, no other intention.
  13. I always get my items authenticated, unless like Jira mentioned I know the tpfer..even then I would probably still get the item authenticated.
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    So true. I agree with this and this is the only reason why I even mention tPF.
  15. Yes, I simply like having the extra insight TPF posts provide into the "persona" of the seller. If I am looking at a high end purchase, I like as much information as I can get.