Dyson RULES!

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  1. I know many people have posted about how wonderful the Dyson is.. well I am now the proud owner of one, and OMG why did I wait so long!? I vacuum my center hallway about once a week with my brand new (3-4 months old) Hoover. This week I knew I was buying a Dyson, and wanted to put it to the test.. sooo I set my Roomba up for daily vacuums, then vacuumed again with the Hoover, immediately before I put Dyson DC17 Animal to work... I also Steam cleaned just last week, when muddy paws came tromping through after it rained!

    Here are the pics! It was amazing.. 1 cup of dirt/hair AND the spot where I had steam-cleaned? Well I guess the steam cleaner just shoved most if it down deeper, because the Dyson pulled it back to the surface and took it all away! AMAZING machine! I cannot believe I waited so long to buy it!


  2. Yay! Dysons really are great vacuums, I've sold them (among other things) for 3 years and the vast majority of my customers come back and rave abou them. Whenever I have someone say they didn't like them (which is extremely rare), I always want to know if they were just using it wrong or something. The two-vac test is always a good one, and I usually tell my customers to do that the first time they take them home. Vac with your old one, and then immediately, in the same spot, with the Dyson. very few people that do that ever have another complaint.
  3. Wow! That is a lot of dirt/stuff. Go Dyson! I need a new vacuum. Mine is over 6 yrs old and not picking up anymore.
  4. I LOOOOOVVVVE my Dyson!!! It picks up everything!!!

    DBF balked at the price tag but now even he swears it's worth the money!
  5. I love my dyson. I vaccuum daily but it still picks up so much junk... it's gross. But seeing that stuff gives me a sense of accomplishment lol.
  6. I want a Dyson but DH thinks I just like the way it looks. (I do love the way it looks, and I like the commercials too -- so I assume it works well!) How does it compare to the Oreck (I hate the way those look and I hate the commercials), functionally?
  7. I love my Dyson so much! The first time I used it, I filled up the dirt container TWICE, vacuuming a 2 bedroom apartment! And it's not like I never vacuumed before, I had a Roomba that I ran a few times a week. Now I use the Dyson all the time because it picks up so much nasty stuff.
  8. I'm thoroughly enjoying this topic.
  9. Wow. That's seems to really work well. I have a miele which I thought was pretty good but maybe I should look into getting a Dyson. Everyone on tPF is always raving about them and from the pictures they have good reason.
  10. Any particular model you guys like?
  11. Is Dyson only good for carpeted floors? I would like to buy one after these reviews but I have hardwood floors, my mom would get a kick out of this vacuum ... anybody used Dyson on non carpeted floors before?
  12. I love my dyson too!!! i just got the DC17 Asthma & Allergy and used to have the DC14 and loved that too.
  13. haha gross at putting the dirt in a measuring cup.

    but.. i always wondered if they worked as well as the commercials claim. i totally want one now.. too bad i dont have carpet. ;[
  14. Dysons are equally well rated on carpet and hard floors, so don't despair if you don't have carpet! they have a really easy button that turns off the brush bar to use it on hard surfaces.

    And i'd suggest either one of the DC17 line or the DC18, because they have the newest redesign of the suction system.
  15. I have a DC4 (I think)....I love how lightweight and easy it is to use...however, I find it really doesn't get up the deep ground in cat hairs in my carpet.....I have to go back and forth over it 5-6x. I wonder if I'm just being an idiot and using it wrong?