Dyson Airwrap

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  1. I'm considering the Dyson Airwrap Styler Complete system and would like to know if it truly lives up to all the hype! I have below shoulder length, thick, coarse, frizzy hair that is colored and know good tools & products are well worth the expense. Has anyone purchased the system and do you get the results promised? Do you feel like the Dyson tools are that much better for your hair than high quality dryers & irons? Which attachments work best? Thank you for your help and advice!
  2. I can't speak to their hair care products, but owning one Dyson vacuum cleaner I can say it's all hype and I'd never purchase another..
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  3. I love my vacuum too but I don't love my Dyson supersonic dryer.
  4. I love my Dyson air wrap styler. If you use it correctly it’s perfect. The key is following the directions precisely. If there’s a Dyson showroom near you, go and have them demonstrate it and give you a lesson (all free). I’m not sure i would have figured it all out myself if I hadn’t gotten the lesson. The device is costly but by not going for blowouts unless I have a major event, it’s paid for itself many times over. No need for a separate hair dryer, curling iron, hot brush etc. Depending on the look you want you may still need a flat iron but I don’t use anything except the air wrap styler anymore . And it does my thick long hair quickly!!! HTH
  5. I had a little cordless dyson vacuum. It broke within a few months and I replaced it with a much less expensive Hoover. Not as cute but gets the job done and I've had it over a year w/o breaking

    as far as the hair dryer, I have no experience with it but I wouldn't pay that much for a dryer. maybe if you have hair that you need to blow out straight every day it would be worth it. but I have curly hair that I usually dry with a diffuser or air dry. my babyliss gets it done fine
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  6. I saw this being demo'ed at Nordstrom. It comes with a ton of attachments, I'm not really the type to hassle with all that. But if you are used to doing your hair it seems like it works pretty well. The rep said it will curl hair better if the hair is wet vs. trying to curl hair that's already dry. At least if you buy it at Nordstrom they have a great return policy if you didn't like it.
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  7. I let my hair dry about 90% or blow dry haphazardly 90% and then use the attachments for curl. I imagine texture, length, thickness etc and the look you are going for would influence what your procedure would be. Dyson offered a 30 day money back policy when I bought mine so it was a win win situation. 30 days is more than enough to know if you are going to be able to master it. I threw out the packaging on day 24 because I knew it was a keeper.
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  8. does it really dry without heat though? I have hair who a hairdresser destroyed with bleach and trying to repair and would really use the non heat dryer if it was working properly. with a heat dryer it takes me about 20 minutes from damp to almost dry (due to the burnt parts holding water), is it taking longer than that?
  9. I’ve heard mixed reviews. I love my Dyson Supersonic dryer, but I wasn’t a fan of the Airwrap. I tried it out at a showroom, and the curls didn’t last that long for me. Much prefer using a traditional curling iron.
  10. This works with heat like a regular hair dryer, and I only put it on cold to “set” the curl. So for me I will put a section of my hair in the “roller” and hold it for maybe 10-15 seconds and then switch to cold for 15 seconds, then release. I think it’s less heat than a regular curling iron and maybe my hair is in the roller less time than with a curling iron. It also doesn’t crimp or make ridges like you can get with a curling iron if you’re not careful. Haven’t burned myself either!

    But you probably will not get curls if you just use the Dyson on the cold setting.
  12. Aww, I love my Dyson vacuum!
  13. I know people love them.....I liked my little cordless one until it broke