Dynamics of Shipping Costs

  1. I am looking at a Diesel jacket on ELuxury.com for $126 but at the moment, they are not offering free shipping, so I have decided aganist the purchase. Even though shipping is only $12, I kinda feel that it negates part of the savings from the sale.

    I am curious how many other folks don't buy items online because of the shipping cost? I would think that larger retailers would find a way to "hide" or cover shipping costs to get rid of this barrier. I mean Nordstrom has $5 shipping, BlueFly.com has $6.95 flat shipping and alot of shops have free shipping.....

  2. I absolutely hate paying for shipping. I realize that a lot of time websites that have free shipping just incorporate the amount that would be charged for shipping into the total price of the item, but for some reason, I just really don't want to pay that extra fee for shipping. If you hide it in the price of the item and give me free shipping (especially on an item that's on sale), I just feel like I'm getting a better deal.
  3. shipping always plays a factor for me in the purchase. love revolve for the free shipping to canada all the time. the shipping method also plays a role b/c some shipping companies charge insane brokerage fees when shipping to canada. if the website ships usps, i'll probably buy, but if it's ups or fed ex i'd try to find the item elsewhere.
  4. Wow! I was just pondering this, there has just been a price rise, and shipping costs, even for small items are going through the roof as vendors adjust their listings.

    I think that there will be a very dramatic downtrend in the smaller, inexpensive item market, because it is just too absurd to pay $10-$12 shipping for a three or four dollar item.

    So the obvious thing, from a marketing perspective, is to raise the cost of that three dollar item, and spend some resources on serious upgrading of descriptions.

    The low end, we bottom-feeders, have essentially been priced out of online shopping, because no matter how cheap the item, we simply cannot afford the shipping costs!
  5. ^me too.
  6. I just had to pay $65 US for shipping to Australia. Annoying, but hey I loved the item.
  7. I hate paying for shipping SO much that I usually add more things to my cart so I can get free shipping. I start out going to buy a $30 item, then end up buying $100 worth of stuff. Yet, I feel like I'm getting a better deal than paying for shipping. It's so strange.
  8. I do that too!!
  9. It's ridiculous when you have to pay for shipping on top of tax.
  10. I was just thinking about this with eluxury because i just got a bunch of birthday money from a friend and was purchasing my first Louis Vuitton items.. I felt so silly because it's not even my money and i'm like "grrr $12 shipping!!" But then i realized that they don't have tax so i felt a ton better.. still though. I totally know how you feel.

    Another thing, every time i order off Sephora.com i ALWAYS end up spending at least $75 because i can't stand paying for shipping.. i always plan to get one or two things only and then i'll see the "$___ until free shipping!" and i just HAVE to buy more. Silly but true.
  11. That is exactly why I don't purchase things online too, because of the shipping. I know it's not much but it's just not cool. I like purchasing things in the flesh, that way we can see exactly what we are purchasing and no shipping fees.
  12. i do a lot of online shopping from US based websites, and because i live outside of the US the shipping costs are more often than not, PHENOMENALLY RIDICULOUS-- which makes me choose not to buy the items. Take for instance, Net-a-porter... international shipping is US$55 and an additional $13 for every extra item, when i excitedly found things i wanted on sale i was all ready to check out until i saw the shipping costs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Same with stores like standardstyle, which quoted me $61 for shipping for ONE top :push::shocked::tdown: SURELY it doesn't cost that much to send something from the US to an international location, because blaec.com only charges a very reasonable $20 for it.
  13. I wait for sales and then search for free shipping codes. I don't order if I have to pay more than $5 for shipping. :tdown:
  14. I rarely purchase from websites that don't offer free shipping and flat rate/free return shipping. I hate paying for shipping. I also hate waiting in line to pay for return shipping so I love it when stores have those labels so I don't have to wait. Retailer like Zappos that offer free shipping both ways, fast processing times, return label, etc. get a lot more of my business that ones who don't have this.

    Neiman Marcus just stopped offering the flat fee return labels for returns so I will probably stop shopping there as a result. Even though they offer a lot of free shipping codes, paying for return shipping, their long return processing times, etc. is just making it too inconvient to shop there. :tdown:

    I hope more retailers reevaluate their policies since I think most online shoppers feel similarly about paying for shipping.