Dylan Wallet?

  1. Does anybody use a Dylan wallet? I was thinking about getting one to match my DMT, but just not sure about them.
  2. I have 3 of them! Dylan wallets are awesome.
  3. I have one! I love it!
  4. Cool, thanks both of you for your input. :biggrin:
  5. K, I ordered a scotch wallet to match my purse. Happy :happydance:
  6. I'd get a LP wallet myself if I wasn't already so pleased with my current one (a patent leather Coach one). Maybe once this wallet runs its course :smile: I'm curious to how much you are able to fit into it though...show us when you get it perhaps?
  7. I will certainly post some pics when I get it. I am curious since I don't have one. I am so used to packing my wallet with everything.
  8. I have a bifold one that is ok, but I don't love. The cc slots are super tight and no matter how much I used it, it didn't stretch enough for me. I have the zip one but haven't used it yet. I'm using a smallish bag for summer and the LP would take up most of the bag. Can't wait to hear your reviews!
  9. Well I got it today, and sent it back today. It had this really awful smell to it. It wasnt any kind of leather smell. I can't even explain it. I couldn't even hold it. Anyway I have a replacement coming. I hope it will be better. Anybody else ever had this happen? I know my tote smells awesome, but this wallet, yuck!
  10. That sucks, I hope the replacement is better! I've never gotten a bag or a wallet from LP that had a bad smell. My LP stuff always has the delicious LP leather smell.
  11. Where did you order from? Mine smells like the leather.
  12. I got my DMT and the wallet both from Amazon, and the bag smells fantastic. they have sent me out another wallet. I have my fingers crossed. :smile:
  13. I got my replacement wallet today, and it smells like luscious leather. I don't know what was wrong with the other one, maybe a skunk? Lol.
  14. Yay, grats the replacement worked out for you! :smile:
  15. Awesome. Maybe the first was a return and someone did something to it.