Dylan rolled handles

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  1. I got out my new Dylan shoulder bag for the first time last night. After I put my stuff in it and threw it over my shoulder, I realized that the handle seem to dig in a bit and wasn't very comfortable. I liked the rolled handle look, but now I am worried about how comfortable it will be.

    For those of you with a Dylan, do the rolled handles start to break in and get more comfy? Has anyone else noticed this or am I a wimp? :biguns:
  2. Okay, I am a wimp. I just had it on my shoulder for about 15 minutes and I have a red mark on my shoulder. I really hope this breaks in. I wanted this bag to be my everyday work horse type of bag.

    What I am loving, besides how soft it is, is the 2 larger zip pockets on the outside. One fits my phone perfectly and the other fits my keys. No more digging through my purse for either.
  3. Hi Sandc I have the Dylan SB, the Joey Hobo and the Alex Hobo they all have the rolled handle it does soften some over time but it doesn't really bother me unless it is really full and I am walking for a looong time. Hope this helps.

  4. I tried on theshoulder bag in lilac and I thought the rolled handle was really comfy. Do you have the bag really loaded up?
  5. What do you think about the Dylan medium tote, that has two handles, may that would be a better option for you. And you can carry it crossbody.
  6. Well, I was wondering if it was just me. I really want this bag to work out. Maybe I will walk around the house with it a little more and see. It isn't that loaded up at all. Wallet, phone, brush and a couple of other lightweight things. Not much at all. I thought I was just being a wimp, but it left a nice red mark on my shoulder and an indentation. I am getting close to the deadline if I want to return it. Hrm. . .I want to keep it, but it has to be comfortable.

    I like the Dylan tote, but on other people. The tote is just too big for me.
  7. Seems like it isn't meant to be. :sad: Let us know what you end up doing.
  8. *sigh*...you may be right, but I don't want to admit it. I love this bag. It is so smooshy and soft and this 3rd bag looks great. I am going to feel like a jerk if I return it after all I did to get this 3rd bag.
  9. My Dylan shoulder bags are by far my favorite (and most comfortable) bags. The rolled shoulder strap on my bag is soft and supple. The edging on mine lays to the side when on my shoulder....I wonder if your edging lays against your shoulder and digs in? Either way you have to be comfortable.
  10. The edging doesn't seem to be laying against my shoulder. The leather itself is really soft, but the handle is hard because of how stuffed it is with whatever they stuff it with. If that maks sense.
  11. I like the Dylan medium tote as well. I am just about to order the olive.
  12. OP - makes sense about the "stuffing" being stiff as I definitely have other bags with that problem. My Dylan shoulder bag strap is limp and soft like a cooked spaghetti noodle. Not sure if it was always that way or if it is just broken in since I use it all the time.
  13. You could look up my posts about this topic. The BCA Magenta tote, Cobalt Speedy, Amethyst. Lime and Smoke zip totes, etc all had really hard plastic inside the leather handles. Other LPs (notably Black from that general manufacture timeframe) were affected. They have since switched to a softer plastic. REAL rolled leather handles are pure leather, actually rolled ~not covered plastic tubing. You are speaking of "rolled -style" handles here. I replaced all the innards of the stiffies with a thick silky rope to make my handles comfy & soft. The plastic tubes extracted from the stitched leather handles have very sharp, pointed ends and can easily serve as lethal weapons. Of the shoulder bags, none seem uncomfortable to me, just a little rigid. And no, this cannot possible soften or 'break-in' because it's plastic, not leather inside !
  14. Huh, well that is good to know. Sadly, I think I will have to send it back. I can't believe how bummed I am.