dylan medium folding tote Q

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  1. was anyone ever able to weigh theirs w/o stuff in it? i'm totally ogling one for my bday but am a little wimpy when it comes to weight .... would super appreciate it if someone could weigh theirs ....

  2. It's not heavy! I would guess it at 2lbs.

  3. Both sites you listed show the weight. Ebags: 2lbs, BlueFly: 3lbs. So, lets go for 2.5lbs. lol I have a medium tote and definitely don't consider it heavy (at least while empty). :P
  4. I agree with lindap and cathead87- the medium tote is not heavy at all. I carried my azure one everyday for at least 6 months, sometimes for hours at a time. Extremely comfortable.
  5. thanks ladies! that helps to hear b/c i love how smooshy and lovely LP leather is but the bigger bags scare me b/c they seem so heavy ......