Dylan Leaf question- photos on website are inconsistent??

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  1. Hey Ladies:smile:

    I just ordered my first LP- the Dylan messenger in Leaf! Anyway, I started getting concerned because the photos on their website are so inconsistent in how they show the green! If you look at the white background shots, the green looks a little pale, but some of the tear-sheets (showing celebs/ models) the green looks much more vibrant.

    Which is it? I'm going nuts:confused1:

  2. Unfortunately, I think the photos are inconsistent because the bags are inconsistent- which is not the norm for LP. I love the really intense leaf but the paler rendition is meh. I returned a bag to Luna Boston for that reason. If you look at the photo thread above, you'll see slight variations.

    I hope you get a good one!
  3. I agree with Sybaryte. I received a Dylan speedy in leaf that was a bit pale. It was a sample bag and I think it looked pale because of a whitish chalk like finish. Maybe it was dried out or sunlightened. I exchanged it and the replacement I was sent is a perfect saturated green! Very beautiful color!
  4. Thanks- I called customer service and she said the bags are a 'kelly green'- and that if I wasn't happy with it, I could exchange it for something of equal or greater value... I've got my fingers crossed:P
  5. I have a Dylan Long Speedy in leaf and the color was much more vibrant and rich than I had expected. Beautiful color!!!