Dylan Large Speedy

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  1. That's too bad!! Such a beautful bag too!! Stormy, how do you like the Dylan Shoulder Messenger? I was thinking of exchanging the lg speedy for the dylan shoulder messenger. Just wanted an opinion as I have not seen one IRL before.
  2. :heart: it ! Have you seen the pictures and reviews posted ?
    It's very different from Speedy; It's hobo with a twist- that zip-around expansion. Brilliant. Comfy adj strap, too.
  3. I sure have. I'm sold. Going to return my speedy tomorrow for one. Love the pictures of yours. It looks amazing!! Extra bonus that is has a comfy strap. Thanks!!
  4. The doorknob technique may have made the straps more form-fitting and comfortable for the doorknob, but not for me. The lack of flexibility is the problem; not comfortable to wear and falls off the shoulder very easily. Not recommended.

    OK...back to LP. Problem is, LP doesn't go for store credit; you must exchange immediately. For me, that would mean spending more money, and that makes me cranky. Oy.